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How much everything will cost for your trip to Osaka, Japan


Japanese Yen are equal to $0.01 in American dollars. So for example, if something costs Y30,000 it would be $300 in American money.

Attractions in Osaka, Japan

In Osaka you can go to Osaka Prefectures, Osaka prefecture capitals, Osaka Wards, Osaka districts, Osaka cities and towns, Osaka landmarks, Osaka castles, Osaka observation desks and look outs, Osaka temples, Osaka shrines, museums and art galleries, theaters and concert halls, gardens and parks, government buildings, aquariums, zoos, mountains, lakes and bays, bridges, amusement parks, onsens, sporting venues, airports, train stations, ports and ferry terminals, embassy and consulates, shopping, skyscrapers, and restaurants.

Hotels and costs

New Naniwa Hotel- $119.81 (Y11,981) for three people -- Osaka City Hotel Kyobashi- $140 (Y14,000) per night -- Rhiga Royal Hotel-$130 (Y13,000) one night one adult -- The Westin- $165 (Y16,500) per night -- Dai-ichi Sakai Hotel- $100.80 (Y10,080) per night 1 adult -- Hotel Nikko- $109 (Y10,900) per night -- Dontonbori Hotel- $64.00 (Y6,400) per night

Using our Proportions

To find out how much everything cost (without a calculator) you need to use proportions (exp...) $0.01/Y1 = $21/x $0.01x = 21 21/$0.01 = 2,100 x=2,100 soooo $21 US dollars equals Y2,100 Japanese Yen

History of Osaka, Japan

It is known that humans have inhabited what is now called Osaka since more than 10,000 years ago. Around the 5th century A.D., Chinese culture was introduced to Japan via the Korean peninsula, and Osaka became the center of politics and culture of Japan.In the 7th century, the first capital of Japan, modeled after the capital of China, was established in Osaka. Thereafter, though the capital was subsequently moved to nearby Nara and Kyoto, Osaka continued to flourish uninterruptedly, serving as the gateway of culture and trade.
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