Where I Stand

TIanna Chong-Kit

Planning and Urban design

In and around Markham there are new semi detached, town houses and regular size homes being built. Much of this new development though, is taking the valuable, limited farmland in the area. I am concerned because of the lack of green space and farmland left within the area as more and more residences are being built. The homes are being put so closely together they seem to be blocking the sunlight of the houses within its vicinity and do the same to the other houses surrounding it. The neighbourhood is also becoming very crowded and I find that there are too many houses for too little green space. This should be important to citizens of Markham because it affects the over all visual appearance of the city, and the conditions in which they are living with things such as traffic. There is an issue of traffic as there is a new streetlight being put up at Kennedy Road, and Beckett Avenue. This is why I believe there is an issue with the locations of new residences being built, as it is negatively impacting the future of the area.
Ontario Farmland Preservation

Roads Maintenance

Recently, there has been a project within the area for road preservation. It involved putting a new surface or layer over some of the existing streets within the neighbourhood. It closed some streets and caused problems as i tried to get onto my street and into my neighbourhood. Also it created major bumps in the road as the road is now higher than most of the sewer covers. I found this unnecessary because there are some places in and around Markham where the streets are full of cracks and holes while the streets in this neighbourhood are quite new and in good condition. This issue should be important to citizens of Markham because it involves the unnecessary work, labour and use of resources, as well as closing off streets within a short notice. Also the bumps in the car ride may make for uncomfortable driving with bumps jostling your car every ten meters. This is why i have an issue with the roads maintenance, roads that don't need repair are being re done while roads in major need or it aren't being given the attention.

Snow Removal

Every year with all the snow, there is a need for more than just a simple shovel to clear it all and with the help of the snow plows it makes things a lot easier. But from my experience, the people operating those machines are proven to be careless at times. On driveway, there is a curb that borders each side of my driveway, and the corners of those curbs have each been knocked off by sidewalk plows multiple times. And this most recent winter, one of the light posts on my street was hit and knocked over, luckily avoiding the house it is located in front of. This issue is important to citizens of Markham as there could be other damage done to your own, or other residences property. This is why I feel there is an issue within the city's snow removal system.