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About Us:

MultiMedia Services provides resources for teaching and learning. Different media formats accommodate a variety of student learning styles and are a necessary component for resource-rich learning experiences. Our professional media staff assists teachers with locating, evaluating and integrating media resources to prepare students for higher standards and more rigorous assessments.

The BOCES Media Library contains a variety of resources including:

  • Over 1,500 DVD collection titles
  • 100 Big Book titles – each big book title is accompanied by a teacher's guide, student copies of the book, and many include an audiotape reading of the book
  • 600+ Multiple Book titles – this collection covers all grades and contains 20-100+ student copies of each book. This collection includes at least 55 copies of all required NYS Common Core Module books grades 3-8. Many recommended texts are included as well.
  • 34 Module Kits (PK-2) – Module kits consist of the recommended read aloud support sets for the NYS ELA curriculum.
  • 140+ Audio Book & Playaway titles – this collection, consisting of unabridged books on CD and playaway format, was developed to support student listening skills
  • Over 55,000 streaming audio/video titles. (PBS Learning Media, CCC! & Learn 360)
  • 13,000 Educational Tools (experiments, fact sheets, maps, timelines, etc.)
  • Over 75,000 Digital Pictures. These digital pictures are copyright free and can be used in any school project or presentation.
  • 75+ Jackdaw Primary Resource Kits. A Jackdaw is a personal archive of hands-on primary source materials. They are an array of fascinating, relevant primary source documents perfect for the new Social Studies standards.
  • Make Space Materials: LEGO WeDo & LEGO Mindstorm Kits, Ozobots, Squishy Circuits, Breakout EDU boxes & more!
  • We also have many Professional Development materials. Check out a selection for elementary teachers here.

Copyright Protection:

The BOCES MultiMedia Library strongly urges teachers, librarians and administration to use Soundzabound (copyright free music) and Pics4Learning (copyright free photos) for school projects. We will happily duplicate any project that includes copyright free material. The MultiMedia library copyright policy is available on our website.

BOCES MultiMedia Services will also duplicate any class or school project on DVD with its own personalized DVD label (as long as the project doesn't infringe on any copyright laws).

School Visits:

Many districts have found that school visits and professional development workshops are a wonderful way for teachers to see how to best use BOCES MultiMedia Services. Alicia Mkenzie, the coordinator for BOCES MultiMedia Services, will gladly visit your school district to show teachers what materials are available and how to best use the library catalog.

Alicia has a very flexible schedule and can work with librarians and administrators to plan a presentation or workshop with whatever time-frame they have available.

Requesting New Materials:

We encourage teachers and administrators to suggest additions to our holdings. Submit your suggestions by emailing or calling our office. Please include grade level and purchasing source information if available.

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If you are unsure what your username and password is, please contact us immediately.

Contact Us!

The MultiMedia library is open 7:30am-3:30pm Monday-Friday. Please call or email us if you have any problems or requests!