Support Newsletter #7

Support Newsletters 2013-2014

The start of a sunny week!

Dear all,

The NSS has left our doorstep and we return to business as usual this week at ESH. Apart from a welcome climate change, we are also looking at another major event for the school: its first residential trip! That's right... this week be extra happy to see your colleagues in P4 and P5 since you will have to miss them next week (from the 7th until the 11th of April for P5, 7th until the 9th for P4) as they explore the sandy dunes of Loon op Zand. And pay Langnek a visit in de Efteling.

Apart from that upcoming event, this week will see a number of staff members go to the ES Bergen for some INSET on the Early Education Curriculum (EEC) on Tuesday and Assessment/the new Report Card on Wednesday. On Tuesday this means Catherine and Jaap will not be in the school for most of the day, on Wednesday Jaap, Guillaume Roux and Lorna will be absent during a large part of the day as well.

On Thursday the second Secondary Lunch is held where P5 teachers and management staff hammer out further details to ensure a smooth transition from P5 to S1.

Have a great week everyone!


One of the aims for this year is to create a harmonised framework with which we assess, diagnose, adapt & extend the educational process for children who are gifted / talented. Jaap has had a first meeting with Tanja Guiaux from HCO who will work with us to ensure a proper procedure for all language sections is in place.

The first moment for feedback will be on Tuesday the 1st of April during the Coordinator-Directorate meeting. Unfortunately, Jaap will be in Bergen at this time however Marianne and Eugene are prepared to implement the first steps with the coordinators. Thinking caps on!

Choose-Your-Workshop on the 16th of April

After a two-week period, the window of opportunity to choose your workshop has now closed. Out of the 40 people, 17 have responded which means that we will begin placing staff in the two workshops based on availability. If you have forgotten and have a strong preference, let us know before the end of this Monday the 31st, before 15:00 by emailing us at
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Portfolio & Assessment

As our school is moving towards a harmonised approach for assessment & portfolio implementation, this is also the focus of the INSET on Wednesday afternoon at the European School in Bergen. Stay tuned for more information!

In-Depth Assessments in the English Language Section

After our purchase of the Pearson assessments, we have begun to use them since last week. We are still awaiting the delivery of KeyMaths 3 UK to do an in-depth analysis on math-related issues. Once this is delivered we will reach out to the teachers involved. The first KBIT-2 (indicative IQ testing) have now started!

Have a good week everyone!!