Reading Recovery®: Top to Bottom

From the Upper Peninsula to Southern Michigan

September 2022

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“Reading Recovery has one clear goal: To dramatically reduce the number of learners who have extreme difficulty with literacy learning and the cost of these learners to educational systems."

– MARIE M. CLAY, Founder, Reading Recovery

"Reading Recovery is an incredibly effective early literacy intervention with the lowest achieving first grade children." (May et al, 2013, 2015a, 2015b, 2022)

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The Emperor of Literacy Has No Clothes

In the recent blog, The Emperor of Literacy Has No Clothes, Engaged Emeritus Trainer and Professor Emeritus at Texas Woman’s University Connie Briggs discusses how the science of reading is not a settled science.
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Professional Learning is our Responsibility

Rhonda and Gen from Literacy Pages, discuss the importance of professional learning in their latest blog, The Best Way to Support Literacy Acquisition: Never Stop Learning.

How has Reading Recovery influenced our school district?

This quick video highlights how Troy School District in Michigan has leaned on the professional learning model of Reading Recovery to help all Tiers of literacy learning in their schools to meet the variety of needs for ALL students.
How Has Reading Recovery Influenced Our School District?

What Policymakers Should Know about the Science of Reading

Dr. Paul Thomas will be a Keynote Speaker at the 2022 Michigan Reading Recovery Institute (see below for Institute information). The following video is a brief interview he participated in with Dr. Sam Bommarito about current literacy policies and research.
Paul Thomas Interview ©2022
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30th Annual Reading Recovery Council of Michigan Institute

Thursday, Nov. 17th, 8am to Friday, Nov. 18th, 3pm

2601 West Big Beaver Road

Troy, MI

Registration ~ $280 for Teachers & $140 for Administrators

Thursday Keynote - Paul Thomas author of 'How to End the Reading War and Serve the Literacy Needs of All Students'

Friday Keynote - Dr. Betsy Kaye, Reading Recovery Director, Texas Woman's University

Click for Registration Details

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Information Compiled By Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders:

Brooke Beacom

Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District Reading Recovery Site

(906) 440-8937

Maeghan McCormick

Jackson County Intermediate School District Reading Recovery Site

(517) 768-5191