2B Happenings!

Working hard and having fun in 2B!

Dear 2B Family,

Welcome back!! :)

Just a quick note, I am collecting bottle caps for some activities in our classroom. I am specifically looking for the ones off of MILK jugs. If you have any you could send in (please rinse them first), that would be much appreciated.

We continue to collect Boxtops to benefit our school library. Please send them in a ziploc labelled with your student's name and '2B'.

As a reminder, anytime you send money for anything to school, please make sure it is in a ziploc bag or envelope labelled with the following information: Student Name / What the money is for / Amount Enclosed / 2B. It is very common for students not to remember what money is for, or to lose it.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our school at Spring Creek Barbeque! What an amazing turnout!! The line was around the building for much of the evening, and to all those of you who waited so patiently, you were appreciated!! One of the employees told me that he had never seen such a huge turnout for a school night event!!!

This week in Language Arts

This week we read Click, Clack, Moo, Cows that type! What a fun story!! Student continued refining their writing with journals and are really making great progress in their paragraph writing with the 4 square organizers. On Wednesday, we continued our practice annotating, and students are starting to see how reading for content is a little different than reading for leisure. Hopefully this will be a skill that serves them well as they continue on their education journey! We've also been working on the 6 noun endings that require 'es' to make plural... they should know those now! (Feel free to quiz them - ch, sh, o, z, s and x!)

This week's Spelling Words!

Due Wednesday: Students should review the list of singular nouns. They will write spelling sentences (7 words or more, proper grammar, with the spelling word underlined) using each noun in it's plural form.

For example, if the word is 'box', they should write the sentence using 'boxes.' The goal is to have them take the extra step of thinking about the plural before they write a sentence.

box / tool / church / apple / crash / blanket / bus / egg / zero / glass / reach / truck / bench / size / buzz

This week in Math

We've started subtraction!!! :) To those of you using Flash to Pass, thank you!! Your persistence at home has been showing, with students regularly coming to show me their much improved math fact times! I'm so proud of them - thank you for your support. Please continue to have them practice those facts, and please start to include the subtraction facts level three if you haven't already.

We've also launched something a little different. It's called a subtraction station, and students are using that in addition to our regular math work. It is a self-paced and self-graded (yes, they grade their own papers!) program. As they advance through, they come and chat with me at various intervals so I can check for understanding, but otherwise they are working independently and at their own pace. I'm very excited at how well the students have embraced the idea. It starts very simply, but moves into more complex concepts quickly. It is a way to both support and enrich, while also hopefully building a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts (can you tell I'm really excited about it?).

This week in Science

This week our lesson focused on rocks, with a ROCK LAB!!!! :) Students learned about some properties of rocks by conducting a lab. They were each given their own rock, and completed the following tasks:

Draw it!
Describe it!
Vinegar test to check for the presence of limestone
Check to see if it floats
Check to see if it is attracted to a magnet
Conduct a streak test
Conduct a scratch test

Of course, they recorded their results carefully, just like real scientists!! I was so impressed with how well they did!

This week in Religion

We learned this week about the patroness of Catholic Schools, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. We also read about the feast of the Epiphany. Students continue to impress me by leading our daily decade of the Rosary increasingly well. On Friday we began our work on the Ten Commandments and a related examination of conscience in preparation for our fast-approaching First Reconciliation.