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Issue 21: January 11-15, 2016

How 'bout them Chiefs! I'm not quite sure if that should be a question or an exclamatory statement, but after 22 years without a playoff win, I'm using an exclamation point.

The weather outside was frightful, which made for an excellent weekend to sit on the couch and watch football. However, we did brave a trip to the grocery store and make time for playing with cars and chalk on the driveway, because you can only keep an almost-three year old cooped up inside for so long.

As adults, we experience cabin fever when we are stuck inside too long. Just imagine how our students feel when they can't get outside to burn off that excess energy. We need to make time for extra brain breaks, time to get up and move, and just a chance to be a kid! Taking time for these activities will benefit everyone...I promise.

As you go through this week, do so knowing that you have a huge team of educators on your team. Take time to collaborate and talk with them on a daily basis, because this is not a job to be done alone...remember, it takes a village!




Week of Jan. 11-15

There are no building wide assessments administered this week.

Week of Jan. 18-22

3-5 MAP Classroom Diagnostic Tools: ELA

Week of Jan. 25-29

3-5 MAP Classroom Diagnostic Tools: Math

Acuity Science Predictive B (5th Grade Only)

Team Meetings

The due date for Units of Instruction is quickly approaching, so we will gather in Jessica's office one final time to discuss progress, answer questions, and tie up any loose ends.

During team meetings on Jan. 27, we will meet to score Units as a team. If you are not part of regularly scheduled team meetings, please schedule a time during the week of Jan. 25-29 to meet with me and Rita to score your team's Unit of Instruction.

PLC - Wednesday

No PLC this week due to PIE Night on Thursday.

A Look Ahead


11 - Grades due on PowerSchool by 8:00 am

13 - Grade cards go home


25 - Faculty Meeting @ 4 pm


5 - Q3 Midterm

10 - Valentine's Parties

11 - P/T Conferences @ 1-7 pm

12 - No School / Teacher In-service


22 - Faculy Meeting @ 4 pm

23 - Leadership Team Meeting

Happy Birthday to You!


11 - Cheryl Bailey

14 - Nicki Colbert

25 - Brandyn Harmon

28 - TJ Powers