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Understanding GPA and Class Rank

CLASS RANK CALCULATION: All courses taken for high school graduation credit are included in the calculation of class rank. The instructional level of each course, the student’s grade in each course, and the total number of courses attempted are included in the computation of class rank.

GRADE POINT AVERAGE CALCULATION: (GPA) is calculated using the following formula:GPA = Sum of quality points from each grade earned Sum for units attempted. Once a GPA has been computed for all students, all grade point averages are rank ordered numerically from highest to lowest and each student’s class rank is determined by the position of his/her GPA relative to all other students in a given grade. Class rank is calculated at the end of each semester. All GPA calculations for the purpose of determining class rank are calculated at the end of the school year prior to graduation. Honors and awards are determined by the final class rank.

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State Requirements for a SC diploma

Students must:

Earn 24 required units as listed below

Complete the health requirement

The course requirements to receive a south Carolina High School Diploma for students in Grades 9 through 12 are as follows:

English* ······································································ 4 Units

Mathematics* ···························································· 4 Units Science*······································································ 3 Units

U.S. History*·································································1 Unit

Economics ································································ 1/2 Unit

Government ····························································· 1/2 Unit

Other social studies······················································1 Unit

Computer Science** ····················································1 Unit

Physical Education or NJROTC······································1 Unit

World Language or Career and Technology Education Elective*** ······························1 Unit Electives······································································ 7 Units

TOTAL Required······················································· 24 Units

Diploma with Distinction

To qualify the student must:

1. Complete all requirements for a South Carolina High School Diploma.

2. Complete 28 units of high school credit including 4 units of English, 4 units of math, 4 units of science, 4 units of social studies with no grade lower than a C.

3. Earn 4 units within a selected major.

4. Participate in one school activity each year in grades 9-12 or complete 100 hours of community service during grades 9- 12.

* Gold Level recognition requires a 4.2 GPA, and Silver Level requires a 3.75 GPA

FDJTC Completer Information

The Floyd D. Johnson Technology Center provides students with “Skills for a Lifetime”. Throughout the programs in the Technology Center, students can take courses to prepare them for a future in the workforce, or as a student at a two- or four-year University. Programs offered at FDJTC:  Accounting  Agricultural Mechanics & Technology  Automotive Technology  Building Construction  Business Information Management  Clean Energy  Cosmetology  Culinary Arts  Early Childhood Education  Emergency and Fire Management Services  Family and Consumer Science  General Management  Health Science  Horticulture  Industrial Maintenance Technology (Dual Enrollment with YTC)  Information Support and Services  Line Worker (Dual Enrollment with YTC)  Machine Tool Technology (Dual Enrollment with YTC)  Marketing Communications  Marketing Management  Mechatronics  Project Lead the Way Engineering  Programming and Software Development  Sports Medicine  Web and Digital Communications  Welding Technology (Dual Enrollment with YTC)

As students take courses in the programs, students are earning credits toward being a completer. A completer is defined as a student that takes three or four units in a program of study. The pages that follow describe the programs available and the courses that are required for completer status. Completers can help a student:  with work experience,  industry certification,  earn college credit,  earn a cord to wear at graduation

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Looking ahead to why your GPA matters TODAY!

SC has 3 major merit scholarships, each with their own process. State scholarships may only be used for in state schools and all have a mandatory 3.0 GPA requirement once in college in order to keep them year to year. You must complete a FAFSA in order to receive any of these awards.

Palmetto Fellows- Students must meet ALL 3 requirements.

1. 27 ACT OR 1200 SAT

2. 3.5 Cummulative GPA

3. Top 6% of their class in 10th, 11th or 12th grade

Palmetto Fellows is $6700 for the first year with an increase to $7500 for the remaining 3 years. Mrs. Davis will pull students who are eligible to complete applications during first semester. There is a specific application and email entry that must be completed in order to receive this scholarship.

LIFE scholarship- Students must be 2/3 requirements.

1. 24 ACT OR 1100 SAT

2. 3.0 Cummulative GPA upon graduating

3. Top 30% in the senior class upon graduation

LIFE scholarship is $5000 a year for four year colleges or two year colleges. There is not a specific application for LIFE scholarship, though some individual schools will make you complete a form upon entry.

HOPE scholarship- Students must graduate with a 3.0 GPA or higher. This is a one year scholarship of $2700 for those students who did not meet criterion for LIFE scholarship. IF you maintain a 3.0 or higher your first year of college then this will transition to the LIFE. There is no specific application for the HOPE.

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