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Writing a Business Letter

Objectives: In this unit, students will be introduced to the format of a business letter. Understand the reason why we write business letters. Participate in writing a business letter as a class.

Essential Questions:

What role does writing letters and email play in our lives?

What would we need to communicate to a business?

How do we develop into effective writers?

To what extent does the writing process contribute to the quality of your letter and message writing?


Friendly Letter: A written message usually sent through the mail to a friend or family member.

Business Letter: A written message or typed message that communicates ideas to a business. Ideas about being employed, product criticism or positive feed back.

Heading: Or letter head, this is the location and Address of where the letter came from. This is sometimes creative and has company brands.

Recipient's info: Yes the letter it self should have the information on who the recipient is. This is important because a business has multiple people and you want to make sure it goes to the correct person.

Greeting: A friendly beginning to a letter.

Body: The main part of a letter.

Closing: The end or conclusion of a letter.

Signature: Regardless of compute typed or hand written, a hand written signature of the person sending the letter is needed.

Pen Pal: A person who exchanges letters regularly with someone else, usually living so far away that a personal meeting is unlikely.

Business Letter Writing Introductions:

1. Review the Sample Business Letter and the Business Letter Format.

2. Think of a business that sells a product that you REALLY like.

3. Find the correct address of the business by searching the Internet.

4. Use the Business Letter format to write (not type) a rough draft with your pencil. Be positive regarding the product or service the recipient provides.

Turn in your rough draft to your teacher.

5. Have a friend read it over. Make changes if needed.

6. Use Microsoft Word to type your letter.

7. Type your letter and make sure you are using the format from the Business Letter Format.

8. Read your document over and make sure you are being clear with your point.

9. Have another friend in class read it over to make sure changes aren't needed again.

10. Submit to Edmodo for final grade.

Cite Your Site

Essential Question: How do I cite different types of online sources?

Remember The Rings of Responsibility in that we are responsible for citing information you find online. That way we can give them Credit for what they have done. We create a bibliography and citation to tell others where our sources came from and they can decide for themselves whether those sources are trustworthy.


Click on this Link and evaluate its content.

You need to locate the: The GassyDinosaur Effect and NASA Education

  • Author of the article
  • Article title
  • Website, newspaper or magazine title
  • Publisher
  • Date it was published
  • Date you accessed the article online
  • URL of the specific page.

Partner Activity

Put both your name and the name of your partner on the Cite your Site handout. Make sure you also put your computer number on the page as well.

Directions: Look over the research topics and use the links to evaluate the website and complete the bibliography with your partner.

Robots in Auto Industry:

Animal Rescue:

Your sheet should have four citation boxes that look like this.

Big image
Big image

Digital Life "Prezi" Project

Digital Life Student Intro Video - Digital Life 101
Essential Questions:

Why is understanding how to use the internet, as well as ethical implications on the internet important?

Lesson Essential Questions:

  • What are some of the dangers associated with using the internet?
  • How Can we be safe and ethical cyber citizens.

Think about your life with media. First consider the questions below. Use your responses to help you finish the statement,

“My media life is like a ...”

This statement is a simile, a literary device for comparing two unlike things. For instance, someone who does not use much media might say that her media life is like a desert, because there is little life there.

Someone might say that his media life is like a track meet, because he is exhausted at the end of the day.

Finally, find a picture or drawing that best symbolizes your Digital Self.

Questions to consider:

1. Are digital media a small, medium, or big part of your life?

2. What kind of impact do digital media have on you (a little, some, a lot)?

3. What are your favorite and least-favorite things to do with digital media?

4. Do you connect with others or create things with digital media?

Here is the link to Prezi: Prezi.com

Log in with my Email: adam.french@d300.org

Make sure the Title is your first name and the period number. The description is Pros and Cons of Social Networking.

Here is a link to a Youtube video introduction: IntroductionVideo

Dropbox Organization Tips

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QR Codes in the classroom

3 Quick Tips For Building Digital Citizenship

5 Apps To Help Students Organize What They Learn




Create videos.

Engagement and Impact: Design Thinking and the Arts