Lead The Way For The Forgotten!

"when their voices are stifled we shall lend them ours"- E.W

Lets Sum It Up!

In the early 1800's, reform movements spread like wildfire throughout the U.S. People began demanding a gradual change in the treatment of the mentally ill and those imprisoned and so with the help of the likes of Miss Dorothea Dix and Mister Louis Dwight, we're able to send a beloved relative to a rehab center without worrying he'll get put into a straightjacket! Yikes! Could you imagine that?

Our Goal?

We hope to better the living conditions of the mentally ill and allow them to receive appropriate care that will benefit their health.
Its for the greater good of our nations morality! We are the city upon a hill for many and it's our duty to uphold our title.
"In 1848 Dorothea Dix asked Congress to grant more than 12 million acres of land as a public endowment to be used for the benefit of the mentally ill as well as the blind and deaf. Both houses of Congress approved the bill, but in 1854 it was vetoed by President Franklin Pierce." ("Dorothea Dix Biography." Biography.com. A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 13 Dec. 2015.)

Advocates of the Forgotten.

We aim to reform punishments for the convicted, treatment for the mentally ill, conditions of the institutions in which they are held, and a better system for the imprisonment of debt. You can aid your voice to a man, woman, or child who suffer of ill treatment.

What's the reward?

A great sense of accomplishment!
For those who donate a great amount of money for our cause will receive the opportunity to come with our group and have first-hand experience with one of the mentally ill.
For those who donate a good amount of money, you can accompany us in our fundraiser races we hope to hold yearly and along side with those who pay more, create ideas to advertise our organization.
For those who donate a small amount, we will provide t-shirts and bumper stickers, anything that will advertise us while still being fashionable.


Spread the word. Tell everyone you know about the atrocities of the institutions we have for the mentally ill. For anyone working with the newspaper, post a small article regarding our movement. Take it up with your states' capitol; we have the right to demand fair treatment. Visit your local prison, whether its to volunteer and get close up or to rally up against them, Anything that will ensure people REALIZE how important it is that we take charge of this and help the insane and forgotten.

Disclaimer: There's a chance you will be stopped and imprioned by the police. You might also mess up your record and you mIght lose your job, wife, friends, and/or family. No pressure though.