Mastery Charts

For CR Biology

By Monday afternoon, you will receive yout first mastery chart for a Credit Recovery course.

Mastery charts are like progress reports. They are usually sent every other week to parents, to students in Blackboard, and to student's school contact. Here is some information to help you further understand the information contained in a mastery chart.

Below is a snapshot of a sample mastery chart that will resemble the one your student receives: (click on the image below to enlarge it)

-If you see an M beside an assignment, you have mastered (made an 70 or better) it.

-If you see an NM beside an assignment, you have made below an 70 on the assignment and needs to do it again.

-If you see EXEMPT beside an assignment, you have made an 70 or better on the pre-assessment for that module, and was able to move to the next module in the course.

Big image

On Pace

Being "on pace" means that you have done at least the amount of work expected so far in the course. It also means that if stay on pace, your student will finish the course on time and pass. To be on pace for this mastery chart, students must finish everything through Module 4.

Not on pace

Being "not on pace" means that your student hasn't done the minimum amount of work expected so far in the course. However, you can catch up and get on pace by doing more work the following week. You will receive a set of goals from me to help get on track.


Please let me know if you have any questions about the mastery chart process, and look forward to seeing your first mastery chart in just a few days!