First Grade News

Mrs. Clyde - Room 8 - Issue No.14

Clyde's Corner

Happy New Year and Welcome Back! I hope the break was restful, relaxing and enjoyable for all of you. Our family spent most of our time at home and truly enjoyed days in our PJ's, playing games, watching movies, and relaxing. I came in last week to get things ready for your kids return to the classroom. I am anxious to see their smiling faces Monday morning.

One of the things we will be working on as a whole school is our before school expectations that follow the Ridgecrest Way. Please remember that the doors do not open until 8:30AM and we start work right away at 8:35. Unless your child is eating breakfast at school there is no reason to get to school early. Please review with your son or daughter the Before School Expected Behaviors (below). The big thing I remind kids is that this is not recess time. They are to be lined up by the window and can talk with their friends, but I should not be able to hear them through the window.

Thanks for helping your son or daughter be prepared to come back to school.

Before School Expected Behaviors

I can be respectful, responsible, kind and safe!

  • Walk on sidewalks
  • Wait outside building
  • Line up by classroom windows
  • Level 2 voice (this is a normal talking voice)
  • Hands & feet to self

School starts at 8:30AM


We have Parent/Teacher conferences Jan. 21-24. I have created a google doc that allows you to see the most updated schedule and add in your child's name. If a time is already taken, please choose another convenient time. You will see that I have Friday set aside for make up conferences. There always seems to be last minute changes and it is helpful to have time in my schedule for this. We have one late night available. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Click here to schedule your conference:

Dime Stamps

Watch your child's binder for more information about Dime Stamps and Class Store. I will be sharing more with you about this in the future.

Gingerbread House Extravaganza!

A big thanks to those of you that were able to help out with our Gingerbread Houses. Even though we weren't able to all be together in the lunchroom due to the 2 hour late start, we still got to enjoy the fun of creating our own Gingerbread Houses. Below are some pics from our day that I thought you might enjoy.
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