Zach's Smore 2013

by Zachary Mitchell

Software Developer

  • Salary: $54,360 - $133,110

You have to have a two year college degree or higher to get that job. They test new promgrams for the computer. They test computer applications. The software helps from the computer getting viruses. They help restore documents on the computer. They make software to improve the computer. The places that are good for the job are Texas, Califorina , New York and Virgina. You have to have high math and science skills. You have to have high electronic control. Medium leadership skills.

I'm More Of A Right Brain

When it comes to group work, I think better. I'm more social in groups then one on one with another person. I'm a really creative person. I'm usually the one that gets ideas in some groups. I think a different way then other people. I usually keep things orgainzed, and not damaged. I would keep a phone for two years with making a crack in the screen.