Is the church doing bad for profit?

Morgan Cullipher

Wrong Being Done

The catholic church is causing corruption. The church is doing wrong to us all and themselves. Wrong to religion. The church is putting power and money over religion!

I have come up with 95 problem the church has. Its affecting our lives in the wrong way. There are three main problems overall though. They are the sale of indulgences, extreme power of the pope, and extreme wealth of the church.

These problems are affecting all of us. We are trying to take the easy way out not know the huge fail we are leading up to. We can not buy our way into heaven or by doing good deeds. You only get there by your religious faith. So stop now and help this movement to save us all!

Most Important Problem of All

The Sale of Indulgences

The sale of indulgences is basically a false hope for the people while the Pope and Church gain a profit by it. It's very wrong in the first place to try and sale indulgences, Its most likely against your religion if you think about it. Wouldn't you rather get to heaven through your many accomplishment and faith rather than through false assurance of peace. Also making a profit from giving someone a false hope rather than staying true to faith.

So say you by an indulgence well shouldn't the pain and suffering go away also? I mean if you can by your way into heaven and take the easy way out, shouldn't it all be easy? If that was a true way to get through the heavens gates then why is there still suffering? Exactly. Because it's not true. They are just using the indulgences to make a profit. It's sad to think someone would sell you false hope rather than stay with true faith just to make a profit off of you,

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