December 2013

Holidays in the ERC

Holiday Spirit

If you haven't had a chance to make it down to the library yet, stop by and check out all of our holiday decorations, including our book tree! We wanted to create an inviting environment for our students and staff full of holiday spirit!

Holiday Gift Program

Thank you so much to Angie and Nancy for organizing the holiday gift program! Angie came up with the idea of using a Christmas tree to hang gift tags with all of our families wants/needs. Many of the tags have been taken and the library office is filling up with lots of goodies. There are still a few tags left if you want to help our families in need!

Holiday Potluck

Our annual holiday potluck was a success! It was great seeing all of the staff members take time out of their day to come and visit with each other. I want to thank everyone that took part in the potluck and I look forward to our next one in the Spring.

GCHS Online Databases

I've seen lots of students and staff members using the Online Databases this year. If you haven't utilized them yet, make sure you take some time to do so. There is an abundance of reliable information that includes citations in all subject areas. If you are interested in using the databases and would like to sit down and discuss a project for second semester let me know so we can schedule a meeting! I am happy to help in any way that I can.

New Book Suggestions

I will be placing a book order the end of next week or the first week back in January. Please let me know if you have any books suggestions. Also encourage your students to let me know if there are any books they would like to see in the library.

Have a Wonderful Winter Break!