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I Suffer From Cellulite and Varicose Legs What Is The Remedy?

I suffer from cellulite in more than one area of my body, as well as some varicose legs, does laser therapy is useful in those cases? Is there a difference if used in the treatment of other diseases, the body?

A professor of dermatology and venereal and infertility medicine Cairo answer to this question is important as pointed out that the laser multi-use, especially in that case, which is suffering from varicose legs or cellulite white lines the body, which is a white lines appear on the body as a result of excess weight pregnancy and childbirth, and found that the laser treatment is given by the very good results, in this matter as it works on the disappearance of many of these effects, which leaves the body.

Article Researcher Joey Atlas auhtor of Truth About Cellulite:

Adds that the laser he can also cure a lot of other problems experienced by the body and haunt rights, such as the removal and treatment of the effects of acne Screwed and Beauty facial skin, body, and was also found to have a good effect in the treatment of the effects of psoriasis and remove stains from the body, in addition to hair removal.

But added that it should be noted that the treatment of cellulite and varicose veins legs and remove acne scars using a laser takes time and many of the sessions, which could reach six to eight sessions until it reaches the doctor and the patient to the desired result.