Classical Conversations

Midland Central- 10/8/15- Week 5

Challenge Connection

As your students deliver presentations, they will practice basic rhetoric by thinking about eye contact, voice volume, gestures, and memory. In Challenge I-IV, students advance in rhetoric through Team Policy Debate, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, impromptu speeches, memorized speeches, and poetry readings. In Challenge III-IV, students lead most of the seminars, demonstrating math problems on the board, leading their team through a lab, and guiding their peers through discussions of literature, philosophy, and history.

As you and your child prepare for their presentation each week, be sure to practice the skills for the week as well as the material being presented!

Character Trait Awards

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Walter Warnick and Michelle Peterson received the award to for Discernment last week.

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Destinie Lindley and Alex Kirk received Character Trait Awards for Loyalty.

This week's Character Trait is Determination.

Be sure to let me know if you've seen a great example this week!


On Monday, our presentations are...

ABCs & Apprentices

Show and Tell: Your Choice

Bring one of your favorite things and tell your classmates about it.

WHO gave it to you?

WHAT does it look like?

WHERE/WHEN did you get it?

WHY do you like it?

Journeymen & Masters

Persuasion: Your Choice

Choose a topic your feel strongly about. Persuade your audience to change their beliefs or behavior in some way.

Skill to work on...Poise: Be calm, cool, and collected. Sit tall and still. Calmly and confidently continue even if something goes wrong.

Excellence In Education

Friday, Oct. 16th, 11:30am-1pm

901 Midland Drive

Midland, TX

Classical Conversation families are invited to join us in hosting an Excellence In Education event. Invited guests will be prominent member from the local government, churches and businesses. The purpose of this event is to showcase Classical Conversations and homeschooling in general and demonstrate that this is a viable alternative to "traditional education." If you would like your own pastor or other community member invited to this event, please email name and contact info to

Challenge students will read the constitution. Foundations & Essentials students will sing the first 6 weeks of the timeline song as well as The 10 Commandments Song. CC Families will be asked to sign up to bring items for our pot luck lunch. We hope to see you there!

If you have not yet RSVP'd or signed up for the pot luck, you can do so at community on Monday or email me.

Next Week's Responsibilities

Family Presentation- Rosemond

Clean Up Crew- Orange Team

Recess Duty- Yellow Team

Quote of the Week

"The purpose of history, then, is to give us identity, motivation, and meaning for who we are and what we are meant to do and be. This identity and motivation gives us hope and courage in what can sometimes be an overwhelming world to live in."

-Leigh Bortins, The Question