Fallout Shelter

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Fallout Shelter - What is it??

  1. A fallout shelter is an enclosed space specially designed to protect occupants from radioactive debris or fallout resulting from a nuclear explosion. Many such shelters were constructed as civil defense measures during the Cold War.

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Six Points on the Shelter Sign

THE SHELTER SIGN. How many really understand the real significance of those black and yellow markers? There are six points to the shelter sign. They signify:

1. Shielding from radiation;

2. Food and water;

3. Trained leadership;

4. Medical supplies and aid;

5. Communications with the outside world;

6. Radiological monitoring to determine safe areas and time
for return home.

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  1. "Duck and cover" is a method of personal protection against the near prompt effects of a nuclear explosion. Wikipedia

Duck And Cover (1951) Bert The Turtle Civil Defense Film

Fallout Shelter Kits

Supplies In Fallout Shelters
During the Fallout Shelter program the Office of Civil Defense provided supplies to be stocked in marked community shelters. These supplies were very minimal survival supplies which would have provide shelterees with food, water and sanitation needs for an allotted 2 week shelter stay. The plan was to provide each shelteree with 1 quart of water per day, 700 calories of food per day, sanitation supplies and radiation detection instruments.

Water supplies
were stored in metal 17.5 gallon water barrels. Food stocks came packaged in several different forms such as ration crackers, wafers and carbohydrate supplement (hard candy). Sanitation Kits contained various supplies such as toilet paper, cups etc. Of course in a nuclear war you just might need some Medical Kitswhich were also supplied. And finally, the most interesting of all of the supplies, the Radiation Detection Kits, were provided for shelters with over 50 spaces.