Sequoia Middle School Monday Memo

Monday, April 4th 2016

Weekly Updates

Team Sequoia,

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had an enjoyable spring break. Special kudos to Lisa Keck and Diana Conner for taking 29 of our favorites across the country (See Photos above). We are at 49 days of school remaining and you are all looking forward to a great spring quarter with our students.

Instructional Rounds -

A big "Thank You" to our Rounds Leaders - Will, Susan, Elisa, Michelle and Ernie - for facilitating our "Rounds". I enjoyed seeing the positive comments on the board in the staff room and hearing the great takeaways from the process. We will debrief the process this month and I am looking forward to making this a twice yearly PD opportunity for all staff starting in 2016-2017.

Hiring Updates - With big thanks to the district personnel office, we are on our way down the hiring process for next year. The voluntary transfer window has closed and we are now looking at both internal and external applicants for positions. I will give specific updates to department chairs on Tuesday.

MDUSD Sports -

I want to thank Jamey, Rich and Micheal Holmes for leading our Basketball teams through the season. Our Boys A and Boys B teams have made the the playoffs which start Monday, April 4th. Game time is 3:30 at Pleasant Hill Middle. Come check them out!

We are looking for 2 football coaches for the Spring. Coaches need to be finger printed and have a cleared TB test. Coaches stipends are $500 and we have extra money for a Sports Coordinator as well. Let me know if you are interested.

CTE Update - The district staff completed their walk on Monday, March 20th. I am awaiting their report of what projection products can work in each room. After I receive the report, I will check-in with each of you prior to moving forward.

Meetings this week -

Tuesday - PAC meeting 2:45 in C4

Tuesday - PFC Meeting 7pm in Library

Wednesday - Department/PLC meetings 1:20 -3 pm

Shared Folder on Google Drive:

We are continuing to build our SMS Staff Resource Folder on Google Drive. Please feel free to add to it, or let me know if there is anything that you would like to have electronic access too.

Tweet(s) of the Week

1. @nzefeldt -Quick Blog Post! Four simple things you can do today to set your tech lesson up for success. …

2. We need to prepare students for their future...not our past. @ijukes

Duty Schedule- Week of April 4th

Team 3 (Bolt, Batson, Wilner, Perlberg, Machado, Flores, Warholic) you are up. Thanks for keeping our kids safe.

Homework Club Schedule, Upcoming Events, Principal Goals, Calendar

Homework Club Schedule 2:45- 3:45​

Monday – Warholic – A-3

Tuesday – Perlberg – C-7/English Learners Amerson - B4

Thursday – Sutherland - C-3/English Learners Enloe – B4

Principal Goals for 2015-2016

· Improve Communication/Outreach to all Sequoia Stakeholders

· Continued growth and implementation of Common Core Standards across the curriculum (rigor, writing, conceptual understanding, critical thinking)

· Create Meaningful Collaborative Opportunities for Students, Teachers, Schools

· Develop High Expectations for All Students (Support Students to Meet Them)

· Use Technology to Extend/Re-Define Learning Opportunities for Students

What I am working on:

- 2nd round of teacher observations

- ​Interviewing for open positions

- Initial Staffing projections 2016-2017

- Start of Master Scheduling process

Weekly Calendar of Events -

Click below for Master Calendar