Info In Becoming a Science Teacher

Jhonatan Villa

What are the education requirements?

  • You must have your Bachelors Degree but in some states Master degree is required.
  • You must also have a teacher certification.

What are the experience requirments?

  • you will need to go through a student teaching internship.
  • Patience,instructional and communication skills.

Where would a science teacher work?

  • A science teacher would work in a public or private school.

What is the outlook for a science teacher?

  • 2014-24 it is 6% (as fast as average)

What is a Science teachers advancement opportunity?

  • Teachers who participate in these out-of-classroom programs may receive an annual stipend or a bump in pay.

What would be the salary or wages for a science teacher?

  • Annual salary for a teacher is $56,310 and the top 10% made $88,910 and the bottom 10% made $37,540

What is the task for a science teacher?

  • You have to teach the science subject to students.

what are the advantages and disadvantages in becoming a science teacher?


  • get to teach students information that they never knew


  • Getting a lot of grief
  • Not very well pay