Evaluation Question 7

Research & Planning

How have your skills developed and what benefit has this had on your work?

At the beginning, during my preliminary task, I was very slow because I had very limited knowledge of how to use Photoshop. So a lot of it was about how to get adjusted to using it and what skills I needed in order to maximise my use of Photoshop. Eventually, after spending weeks with Photoshop and other things that have the same functions to it (InDesign), I learnt all I needed to know and became more efficient and quicker with work. For example, it took me more than a month to make my first content page and DPS. But my new improved, final magazine content page and DPS took me about 5 hours of work (probably because my deadline is less than a week away).

Did you manage your time better?

Not exactly. If anything, I'm writing this the day before my deadline.

I think it would've been much more relaxed if I had set aside my own time at the start and mastered Photoshop so I didn't have to learn it along the way and waste time experimenting with Photoshop tools. However, by the end, I've set enough time to finish my work the day before the deadline and not worry of pulling an allnighter the night before