Schedule Change Information

Happening Firday 8-17 only during lunch

Schedule change details

Good Evening Bulldogs,

With the transition to the new student database system, we had a few students with scheduling issues, but now should have every student with a complete schedule.

I wanted to give you a quick callout to advise you about how we will be doing schedule changes. First of all, we are not making schedule changes for the following reasons:

· I don’t like my teacher or class

· I don’t like the period my class is in

· I don’t want AP or Pre-AP. (I will have details about this in my Sunday callout)

We are making schedule changes for the following 5 reasons:

1. I’m in an advanced class, but never had the first class. For example: I’m in Spanish 2, but never had Spanish 1.

2. I have already taken this course and have credit.

3. I need a class for graduation this year and it’s not on my schedule.

4. I’m in a sport or other organization that I tried out for, but I didn’t get the class or I’m in the wrong class.

5. I’m not supposed to be in a sport or other organization but I am in the class.

Students who believe they have one of these reasons, may come to the auditorium tomorrow during lunch, and lunch only, to speak with a counselor to see if they qualify for a schedule change.