Mrs. Dearmon's Rockin' Fourth Grade

May 26 - May 30th

Weekly Updates

Hope everyone enjoyed the extended weekend and the nice weather! Only a few weeks left! Hard to believe how fast this year flew! Here are the updates for the week:

  • A huge thank you to all parents who sent in items and volunteered to make our Virginia cookie on Friday! The kids enjoyed the activity as you can see by the pictures below.

  • If you have not sent in your $2.00 to our room parent for the end of the year picnic, please send it in this week. Our picnic is Friday, June 5th.

  • Our whole class has our Virginia Studies SOL test on Wednesday from 11:30 until we finish. Lunch time will be switched to 11:00 until 11:30 due to the test.

  • Much of this week will be spent reviewing math and covering science concepts.

What is Going in Curriculum?

Math Rotation Review

  • This week during math class, the students will be reviewing all the concepts for the math SOL test next week.
  • There will continue to be math review HW in all math classes. Please refer to the green journal for help with concepts.


  • We will be working on our final Virginia Studies newspaper this week. We will begin the newspaper this week and finish it next week.
  • Much of this week will be spent on math and science, so reading will catch back up next week.


  • Thursday we begin our final writing prompt. This will be a five paragraph paper talking about something that was learned this year in math, science, or social studies. This will be graded and put in the language folder to be passed on to the next year's teacher. This will be a prompt with very little teacher guidance other than the initial modeling.
  • We will be completing a Daily Language sheet and quiz also.

Word Study/Grammar

  • None this week

Virginia Studies

  • Tuesday: We will finalize our review by doing a "walkaround" activity. The students will answer questions as they walk around the room to each question. We will then go over the questions and answers.
  • We will also be working on our "brain dump" information. Once the SOL test has begun, the students can write any strategies that will help them with the SOL test. We will be reviewing all our silly sentences, songs, and maps.
  • Wednesday is our SOL at 11:30. This is for our whole class.


  • Thursday we will be working on part 2 of our living systems unit. We will be covering:

habitats, ecosystems, communities, life cycles of frogs/butterflies, and human influences on ecosystems.

  • Our test on this unit will probably be next Tuesday or Wednesday depending on when your student is having their math SOL.