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In this March issue....

  • English II Research Paper Progress
  • The Big Read Book Club Discussion
  • MV Grad Publishes First Book
  • The 7th Grade Angel Experiment
  • Free E Books through Freader

Choosing a Research Topic in English II

Are social networks sites harmful to society?

Are athletes good role model examples?

Is torture a legitimate tool to use during war times?

These are questions that could lead to the first step in writing the sophomore paper-selecting a topic. For Mrs. Spoon's sophomore English classes, that step has been accomplished. Now the task at hand is to review and select the electronic and print resources offered in the JH/HS library to gather information to complete the paper. As approved by our school board, one of the requirements for English II is to write a persuasive paper 4-6 pages in length using MLA parenthetical notation format. Students take a stand to persuade the reader to share their beliefs based on reliable source information.

The Great Gatsby Discussion in Celebration of The Big Read

MV Grad Publishes First Novel

Sandra Moran, MV graduate of the Class of 1987 has been notified her novel, Letters Never Sent, has been accepted for publication. Sandra wrote her "first book" during the summer when she was 16 and working at Camp Daisy Hindman in Dover. She admits it was not her best work, but she liked "creating stories." In high school she had been on the newspaper staff and realized that people could actually make a living as a journalist. Her first such job was writing obituaries on the weekends at The Topeka Capital-Journal while attending KU. She has written two other manuscripts which have not been picked by a publisher.

When asked what is the key to being a good writer, she responded-

First, you have to be a reader. Read everything you can get your hands on. Look at sentence structure, what the author did that worked, but also what didn't. You can learn as much from that as from anything else. And pay attention to the voice they're using to tell the story.
Second, just write. Some days it will be really hard and everything you put down will seem stilted and stupid. Some days it will flow and you'll have a hard time stopping. Those latter days are precious -- enjoy them. But, back to the point, just write. Even if it's bad, you can fix it later.
And finally, don't be afraid to ask for help or constructive criticism. It will only make you a stronger writer. If you have a favorite author, contact them, let them know you like their work and ask for advice. Also, consider joining an online writer's group where you do peer reviews of each other's work. It's a great way to make friends with shared interests and to learn the craft.

To learn more about Letters Never Sent and to read her blog visit her at

7th Grade Book Club Soars with The Angel Experiment

Free e-Books with Freader

The Kansas State Library has introduced the Freading, a new look at library lending. With a free Kansas Library Card, any student, patron or MV staff member can browse the free check out list of titles. To obtain a library card, see any local public or school librarian. Mission Valley librarians, Melody Wendland and Rose Niland would be happy to issue you a library card number. You would need to provide your full name (including middle initial) and your birthdate. Most MV330 students and staff already have been assigned numbers they can use. To learn how to access the system, download the appropriate app and review the guidelines for using the free tokens, visit the state library site at