The Monkeys Paw

By Jakobie Hindi


Outside around a campfire Sargent Major Morris tells the group of the Monkey Paw and how it can grant you three wishes he took it out of his pocket and shows the gorup as they look he tosses it into the fire. Mr. White takes the monkeys paw and uses it for wealth and fame, but there were consequences his son Herbert winds up dying later on and Mr. White is devastated. His wife then comes up with the idea to wish for Herbert back so as he did he wished with his last wish for his son back. The lights flicker and the door knocks, soon enough it opens up as a cold breeze of air wipes the steps Mr. White finally gets the courage from his wife to run to the gate beyond.

Challenge Connection

By facing the consequences of not believing the superstitions of the paw and facing some karma.

Images of the paw

A great superstition


Mr. White's son Herbert dies Mr. White uses his last wish to bring him back but all that happens is loud knocking throughout the house and the sound of a rat and the flickering of lights but the door just suddenly opens up as a wisp of cold air brushes over the stairs Mr. Whit finally gets the courage and runs out to the gate beyond.


The lesson was learned from Mr. White of not listening to the superstitions of the Monkeys Paw and not making a sensible wish that which causes consequences

Character- Protagonist/Antagonist

Protagonist- Mr. White he wishes with his last wish to bring his son back and that leads to the resolution of him going to the gate beyond.

Antagonist-The Monkeys Paw brings consequences for the wishes that Mr. White makes so something happens to his son from the wishes consequences to cause his death.