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What can the portable heater really do? Here is our report.

What is Zen Heater?

The Zen Heater is a small, compact and lightweight electric radiator that is equipped with various useful functions and you can make your home warm cheaply and quickly. This heater is simply plugged into your wall socket and a temperature regulator gives off the heat you desire. It's very small and you can take it wherever you want it to be - at work, in the car, at school.

Is the Zen Heater right for you?

Anyone who has to pay too high heating costs and is still jittering is well served with this small radiator. It is small and handy, but still brings a lot of cosy warmth with it. All you have to do is turn it on, like a normal heater, and warm air flows out. In addition, this electric radiator costs far less than ordinary large heaters and helps you save without jittering.

Zen Heater Rating and Recommendation

The small Zen Heater electric radiator is a perfect alternative to your large heaters at home, if you prefer small and cosy. It's also space-saving and even money-saving, so especially those who like to live a minimalist lifestyle can do so with a clear conscience. Especially smaller apartments or cottages need less heating and smaller radiators, so the Zen Heater is perfect for this and it is worth having one or even more at home.

Zen Heater technical facts

The small radiator can be operated wirelessly and can be taken anywhere. This makes it ideal for when you're on the move or want to move it to other rooms. It has a heat output of up to 400 watts and yet it is so cool during commissioning that you can still touch it without burning yourself on it.

It has practical temperature monitoring and an automatic switch-off function. In addition, it has an adjustable thermostat and a good 23 m2 heat cover. The device works extremely quietly and its temperature can be set between 15 and 32 °Celsius.

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How is Zen Heater used?

The small heater is only operated via an on/off switch and no further installation is required. It is simply plugged into a socket and switched on. With the temperature control, however, you can choose how warm you want it to be, so you can set the temperature higher or lower at any time.

Zen Heater Test

The heating has already been advertised internationally in the media and has received a lot of popularity from all over the world. The manufacturer can hardly keep up with the production and shipping, as many people now want to have this small heater.

Zen Heater reviews

This small wall heater is an interesting and effective innovation among the heaters due to its enormous ease of handling and simple attachment to a socket. When it comes to heaters, many immediately think of large, space-consuming and bulky radiators that waste a lot of electricity and take up space even in summer, although they are not needed. With this small heater, living in a minimalist way is now very easy and every smallest room and every smallest corner can be used in your home.

Because sockets are everywhere anyway and if a small wall heater is attached to them, the big advantage here is that the room is still warm without bulky large radiators. Ideal for minimalists and people who want to save money and still have it cosy and warm at home.

An enthusiastic user of this small heater talks about how he infected it in his bathroom and no longer has to heat the entire house in the morning to keep it warm in a single room. Because the radiator is only about three quarters the size of a loaf of bread, the user reports further, it also consumes much less electricity than its large radiators. All he has to do is plug the heater into the socket and adjust the hot air flow, as the plug can be turned. He had been looking everywhere for such a practical device and had finally found the Zen Heater after a long search!

One user tells how she uses the small radiator for her greenhouse, where she always provides warm rooms, food and drink for wild cats and other animals in winter. Previously she had to use a noisy device that could burn the animals, because it is so much charged. But now she would have found the ideal solution with this small wall heating and her protection-seeking animals have it now cosy warmly.

A further user speaks of the fact that she uses the small heater gladly in the bathroom, particularly with minus degrees, if it frozen so strongly that the bath is a single freezer. All she needs to do is plug the heater into the socket and adjust how warm she wants it to be and her bathroom will be nice and warm for the morning shower.

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Zen Heater Reviews

Advantages and disadvantages of the product

The advantages of this small wall heating system are the following
  • it is small and handy and ideal for on the go,
  • it simply has to be plugged into the socket and has no annoying cables,
  • it consumes much less electricity than large radiators,
  • the temperature can be controlled,
  • there is no risk of burns, as it remains cool during use.

There are no known disadvantages.

Where can I buy Zen Heater?

The small heater can only be purchased from the manufacturer's website on the Internet, where you will be granted discounts and all other benefits.

Who is the supplier of the product?

The following manufacturer details are provided on the manufacturer page:

Invative Inc.
7080 Hollywood Blvd. #1100,
Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA

Homepage: https://www.zenheater.com/ *
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