All About Me

Chloe Belknap

Where I'm from

I'm from the sweet sound of leaves crunching

To the sweet smell of chlorine

From the laps around the pool

Or all those lake days

From practice to practice

I'm from a place where people tell you to never give up

To all those sweet marshmallowly treats

From all the tiny pictures

To the 12 days of Christmas

From the 12ft tall cat

I'm from those buttery movie nights

To all of the exhausting swim meet banquets

From all those embarrassing family reunions

Or from all those extra special swim team friends

To those coaches that feel like family

I'm from a family who are slightly dysfunctional

To the 6 hour long swim meets

From all those painfully good birthdays

Where tomorrow is just another day

From all those those chilly mid night swims

I'm from where friends would do anything for each other

to all of ribbons in shoe boxes

or room to room

i'm from the distinct smell of chlorine

My family and friends A.K.A the people i like the best sometimes

My hobbies

My hobbies include making my room a mess and cooking cupcakes. Then eating the cupcakes.


  • swimming
  • Cooking
  • shopping
  • sleeping
  • eating


  1. vegetables
  2. mean coaches
  3. homework
  4. deadlines
  5. watermelon

Encyclopedia of my life

Bumble Bee


Buzz. Buzz. Going all around your garden and trying to make you scream in terror. I have always thought they could kill me. Yet they never did. It has black and yellow stripes with a pointy stinger at the end of its body. When it stings it dies and scream and cry.They will always run toward you if you have sugar, just letting you know.



Those big smelly parks with sweaty people crowded around one animal cage. They are filled with different animals but everyone surrounds one animal. Go figure. The lions are my favorite because nobody ever watches them because they aren't inside like the elephants. The gift shop. Also known as overpriced t-shirts. Usually when I go its sweltering out there. Never cold or just warm. HOT.

New York City


A big city that has a booming nightlife and never goes to sleep. I went there for my 10th birthday on 10-10-10. We traveled on foot everywhere, and the subway too. Or maybe even a taxi. It has pizza galore and people in suits everywhere. They have some of the most expensive shops and most popular hotels. Central Park is the only glimpse of green on the concrete jungle.



A state known for sports. A state where my parents grew up and I didn't. It has been a home to Johnny Appleseed and the cardinal. And most of my relatives. Also it has delicious treats called buckeyes. You can make them home made or buy them pre- made. Ohio has deer and it is right next to lake Erie. It is rivals with University of Michigan and neighbors with Canada.

Personality Analysis

Everybody has personality, but it’s their choice if they express it or not. My zodiac sign is a Libra and my color is orange. I am the first born and my Chinese zodiac sign is a dragon.

Since my color is orange that means I do lack of planning to frustrate people. Also I think out loud and I impulse buy to make people mad. I bought an $11 nail polish once because my mom wouldn't let me buy a purse I wanted. Then paperwork really annoys me, also deadlines too. I hate all the deadlines that we have because we have to do it in a certain amount of time and I always procrastinate. Always. Then paperwork annoys me because if you don’t want to do it, then why give it to me?

My zodiac sign is a Libra, which means that I have a great liking for entertainment. Especially on boring days. I’m also very stubborn when it comes to things I believe in or want to do. Like when I so wanted a pair of shoes I wouldn't leave the store until she bought the shoes. Then I absolutely loathe sharing when it comes to certain types of people. Like I won’t share with my sister or I won’t share my food. I am also very hopeless at putting my beliefs into action.

I’m the firstborn, so that leads people to think I am responsible. Which they are right, most of the time. Like when I’m with a group of friends that like to do things I know we shouldn't, I do them anyways. I enjoy making people happy because it makes me happy when I see them smile. I almost am always in the leadership role when it comes to projects. Like in social studies I was elected in charge because they thought I could do a good job. Whenever my sister is in the center of attention I always get jealous. Like last year my sister was getting all the attention and nobody was paying attention to me. I was bound to get jealous no matter what.

My Chinese zodiac sign is dragon and I sometimes live by my own rules. It depends on what the circumstances are. Ever since I was little I have always done things in grand fashion. Whether it be getting off a plane or going to the grocery store, make it so everyone is aware that I am there. This is leading onto the next thing, these people are passionate in what they do. Like whenever someone talks bad about swimming I get very offended and smash their thought on that topic in pieces.

So that’s my personality summed up into one. It isn’t all of it of course. Only bits of pieces here and there. One more thing if you ever see me in charge, it’s my birth order taking over.

Deep meaning response

Deep Meaning

My hobby that I care deeply about is swimming. It means a lot because of how it helped me through a lot of rough times. Like making friends, having people to talk to, and of course not being lazy every day. And then there are all those special swimsuits that have a very special meaning to me. So I’ll be telling you about how I feel everyone should have something they feel deeply about and about my long lasting relationship between me and swimming.

I think everybody should have something they feel deeply about. In my opinion it is sort of a need to have those kinds of things. For example, swimming gave me more confidence on appearance and on whom I am friends with. It can help you with your identity, insecurities, and even your vision of everybody else. Also it could help you with clearing your mind and if you ever have to endure going through a rough time in your life. So I think all people should have a special outlet.

In swimming you see swimmers with those large shoulders. Well that’s going to be me probably around high school. So swimming is all about the perfect starting point, the starting dive in a meet or a race. Then there’s the flip turn. Then there are the backstroke flags. The ones where it helps you know when to count your stroke so you know when to flip over for your turn. Let’s rewind all the way to practice. Some people only have practice for 3 days out of the week. I have them 8 times in a week. Sometimes you have to do dry land, or you get to do laps after laps after laps. That’s not even half of the things swimmers do.

Having something you feel deeply about gives you a sense of identity and belonging. Like how it’s a great way to make friends that love to do what you do. Or maybe on how people identify you as a swimmer or even an artist. It’s always a great feeling knowing you have somebody to talk to about that certain thing you have to endure after and maybe even before school. I feel like I have a strong group of friends from swimming. So that’s why I think its great having something you know you belong in.

So that’s why I think it’s great having something you care about. It’s a great feeling knowing you have others that are going through what you are. So in addition I think everybody should have at least 1 thing they deeply care about.

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