Roll of Thunder, Hear Me Cry

Parker 6th Grade English Resource

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About her Writing:

Description: Newbery award-winning author Mildred Taylor writes historical fiction for older kids and teens about African Americans living before the Civil Rights movement. Her Logan family saga tells the stories of the often difficult lives of one family from the 1870s through the 1940s. Themes of injustice and suffering borne only through the support of family and community dominate her work. While her stories have sad events, readers who enjoy learning details about characters will find them satisfying. Start with: [Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry].

Genre: African American fiction; Classics; Family sagas; Historical fiction
Character: Spirited
Storyline: Character-driven; Issue-oriented
Tone: Moving; Suspenseful
Writing Style: Attention-grabbing; Compelling
Learn More about the 1930's

Pick a small segment to learn more about all the interesting things that happened during the same time as the setting of the book. (Video 44:14)