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We had a really great week in first grade. The kids are working hard to get into their new routine and are doing super with following the 3 B's.

Our Book of the Week was It's Mine. This book integrated nicely with Social Studies as we focused on being good citizens. Being a good citizen means that we work together, help each other and care for one another. Our reading objective was to use illustrations and details from the story to describe the characters. See if your child can describe the frogs in the story It's Mine!

We are working hard to build our stamina with reading. For Daily 5, I've introduced Read to Self, Read to Someone and Listen to Reading. So far we are able to read for about 7 minutes straight. Next week will try for 10 min.

We started working on personal narratives in writing. As we write our goal is to look for capital letters at the beginning of sentences, spaces between words, and punctuation at the end. The kids are doing a great job writing about themselves.

In Math we are continuing to work with counting to 120. In our classroom we used a structure called "walk the line" to count. For this activity we created a huge number line on our carpet. The kids helped me number our number line then we had to find numbers and move 1, 2, or 3 more or less on the number line. As the kids found the numbers the whole class had to agree or disagree with the number found on the number line. We will continue to work on counting using the number line and hundreds board next week.

We had book buddies this week. The kids loved meeting their new buddy and doing some Team Building games and activities. We will meet with our buddies every Thursday.

I have to put in our Scholastic order next week and we still have LOTS of students who have not sent in their subscription money. If you have not done so please send in $6 on Monday. I do not want your child to go without this newspaper when we begin using them.

Please make sure you check your child's Friday Folder for his/her conduct and work habits grade for the week. Also, read over my comments. You can keep all the work inside the folder. Don't forget to initial the Friday Folder so that I know you saw it and then make sure to send it back on Monday.

I hope you all have a super weekend. Please let me know if you have any questions,.

~Ms. Gower


  • I got so busy today that I forgot about having lunch with the boys and girls who did the blog this week (oops). I will make it up to them next week.

  • Our first class social is on Thursday at Sunni Sky's. We will meet there at 4:45. Please make sure that you plan on hanging out there with your child too :-)

  • Friday is our Track Out day. We are out until Aug. 22nd.

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