This is our world,this is how we do it


The public people that vote has the power on making decisions. Also can contrasts with forms of government where power is held by an individual. There's two types of democracy. Direct democracy allows people to make decisions. Representive democracy is when the power from the people goes directly to the represent ivied and they choose from the people's view. Another country with democracy is Germnay.

#5 list one benefit of your government :

in a democracy the people have a say in what goes on.

#6 one draw back

decisions that are classified controversial take longer periods of time to resolve because everyones power is equal.

#9 why

a democracy is the best type of government because it provides equal opportunity so laws and decisions are the best.


a successful democracy would stabilize irac because decisions would be taped about so that both parties would feel like they benefit minimizing the amount of teresst groups and attacks