The Tipping Point

Table 1

What are the character traits of_______?

=A connecter, is someone who knows a lot of people. They are kinds of people who know everyone and tell everyone an important message. Also they have character traits that appeal to other people.

Second example of the first box

Roger Horchow =An observer worth dry knowing manner and he likes people in a genuine and powerful way. Also a successful business man from Dallas, he has a company called The Horchow Collection.
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Who are the key examples of_________? Describe.

The key examples of being a connector is Jacob "he is responsible and overwhelming and majority of relationship". Pg 38.

Also he is a person who likes to invite people in his circle who want to know things that are popular like a connector. pg 38.

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why we choose this person

The reason why we choose this person is because he has to be a connector since he is the president of the United states.