Fulton Focus

For the parents and patrons of the Fulton School District

November 9, 2018

A message from the Superintendent

Dear Parents and Patrons,

There have been a number of children killed the past few weeks exiting school buses. The reports I have seen generally indicate a car driver not paying attention, violating customary traffic laws, or in one Missouri case passing a bus on the right side by the bus exit. FPS Director of Transportation, Bryan Abbott and the Transportation staff are aware of these reports and continually review safety procedures and other strategies to keep your student(s) safe.

Especially, on heavily traveled blacktop county roads, we strive to route buses so that a student(s) exits the bus on the side of their home or drop off spot. This strategy prevents a student from crossing oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, routing does not provide this luxury on gravel roads and many in-town routes.

Please review with your student(s) simple rules of bus behavior such as: stay in your assigned seat; keep your hands to yourself and inside the bus; follow instructions of the driver and bus monitor; wait for the bus to stop before moving to the street to get on and look for cars when exiting. These are just a few suggestions for bus riders to remember and practice.

Students walking to and from school also need reminders to watch for traffic and not put themselves in danger. The past few years, I have noted many walking students tend to use the traffic lanes in the street as sidewalks. Please remind your student(s) not to walk in traffic lanes creating obstacles for cars and buses.

We strive to keep your student(s) safe! Please review safety rules at home and periodically remind your student(s) that safety is also a personal responsibility.

Thank you for sending great kids to work with!


Jacque A. Cowherd, Ed.D.


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Labor Shortage Information

Pursuant to 2018 Missouri Legislation each high school is to provide students with information regarding labor shortages and job attainment via access to the various information at this link: https://dese.mo.gov/college-career-readiness/school-counseling/legislation

Parents, please note that Chris Mincher, FHS Principal, provided this information to all FHS students on October 29, 2018.

It's Flu Season!

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Proof by David Auburn

Tickets are $8 for general admission and $6 for students/seniors (65+)

Not appropriate for children under 12.

It’s a great day to be a Hornet!


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Snow Route Information

Snow Routes will only be implemented once the main roads are deemed passable.

Snow Routes may be needed due to significant accumulation where crews are not able to clear bus turnarounds, cul-de-sacs, and other treacherous areas.

Buses may be as much as 15 minutes early or late to any bus stop. Please dress students appropriately for the weather in preparation for longer than normal wait times.

Please go to the FPS Transportation webpage, https://fulton58.socs.net/vnews/display.v/ART/51c310d9c8f7c, to find the snow route specific to your address.

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Be the Good!

FMS Social Work Interns, Onoleigh Pommier, and Catherine Mahoney are finishing up their degree through the University of Missouri with their practicum placement at Fulton Middle School. Onoleigh travels to Nashville, TN quite frequently as she is a country music performer at the famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge® on Broadway. Last weekend, Onoleigh traveled to Illinois for a concert where she asked for donations from all of those attending. After the concert, there were piles and piles of clothes, toiletries, and food left in response. Onoleigh brought an entire carload to Fulton on Monday and sorted items/stocked the Thrive Hive! Many people even reached out for a shipping address to send more items from different states all over the country. Intern Catherine Mahoney also brought items to donate when her mother cleaned out their closets! Additionally, Catherine’s mother is a retired detective from the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and received donations for the Thrive Hive from fellow retired CPD officers!

“Sometimes all you need to do is ask, people are always looking for ways to help!” –Onoleigh

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Important Dates

Monday, November 12--No School, Teacher PD Day

Wednesday, November 14--Board of Education Meeting 7 p.m. FHS Library

Wednesday, November 21-Friday, November 23--No School, Thanksgiving Break

Monday, December 10--No School, Teacher PD Day

Wednesday, December 12--Board of Education Meeting 7 p.m. FHS Library

Monday, December 24-Wednesday, January 2--No School, Winter Break