The Willows

10/16/16 Update

Dear Families,

These last two weeks have been short, but eventful. Please continue reading to learn more about our time at school.


Reading: In addition to practicing the reading strategies we've reviewed so far, we have been discussing why people read and why it is important. Students said that we read to learn, to use our imagination, to get smart, to practice, to find out a story and to have fun.

Writing: Students have been continuing to work on their 3-page stories. This week we discussed sharing story ideas with a partner prior to writing. Sharing allows the children time to plan their story out ahead time, which helps them to be productive throughout Writer's Workshop.

Word Work: We have been dotting and dashing our names, thinking about each sound and counting them. When one letter makes one sound we draw a dot under that letter. When two or more letters make one sound we draw a dash under those letters. Sometimes we don't agree when we are listening to sounds and thats okay! We've talked about how sometimes names and words are pronounced differently depending on our accents. When this happens, we show both ways.

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Ten is still our magic number and we are continuing to explore how to make ten using sketches, number bonds and number sentences. We also introduced the idea of finding an unknown number in a story problem. For example, Julie has 5 lollipops. Melissa gives her some more and now she has 10. How many lollipops did Melissa give Julie?

Students are learning how to find a part when they already know one part and the whole number. Below is a picture of our student teacher, Hannah, sharing a story problem with the children.

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We officially opened paint and legos as worktime areas. We have also introduced worktime share, a time when children get to share what they worked on and what materials they used.

News and Announcements

Below is a snack sign up. If you would like to support our classroom so we can provide delicious, nutrious snacks for your children, pleae click on the link below:


Share: Many students have asked to share toys from home. We would like to dedicate some time each week for children to share, but we ask that they come in with artifacts (pictures, books, stories, awards) not toys. We will send out a share schedule early next week giving more information.


Melissa and Julie