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How Gaming Can Benefit You

Many people wonder if playing video games is good for you,it could be a teacher,your parents,and even doctors ask it.

There’s certainly good reason to ask this question. Collectively, as a planet, we now spend more than one billion hours every single day playing video games.To put this into perspective,this is more than 50% from just 3 years ago.

Now an even harder question is to define “good” since we all have different views of what that means,but I may be able to find ways gaming can be good for all of us.

A big reason why gaming gets a notorious reputation is because the media always points out that every school shooter has played video games.This often leads to adults believing every video game is evil.In reality,gaming has nothing to do with school shootings.The media just uses it as nothing more than a scapegoat.Now that its out of the way,now I’ll tell you the reason why gaming may be good for you.

First and foremost,using a controller enough will help you get better at eye-hand coordination.Thats why you see other gamers able to press buttons they’re prompted without having to look at the screen.This could help you in certain situations such as basketball or football.Another reason why gaming could be good for you is that certain games that implement decisions will help you in decision making since you can determine and think about the outcome of what happens in real life.

Parents may want you to play certain games so I have a list of games for the whole family.A great underrated console is the Wii U.This console contains friendly games such as Super Smash Bros. and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

If your parents aren’t convinced,then tell them about all the good effects of gaming.The only way gaming can be bad is if you play it constantly,so make sure to have time for friends.