WMS Friday Forecast

Friday, September 29, 2017 - Volume 6

Dear Parents,

You may have noticed that this year we are requiring students to wear IDs. We have a couple of reasons for this. First, with so many new staff members it helps us get to know our students faces and their names. Second, we use the IDs to check kids in and out of the library; and the cafeteria uses them when students need to use the washroom.

For the past couple of weeks, we have read this requirement over announcements each morning. They receive a copy of the announcements digitally so they have had the request in writing. We have given a great deal of warning to our students that we would be assigning lunchtime detentions to students not wearing their IDs. Just yesterday (Thursday) we started giving lunchtime detentions. With our school of 1300 students, we only gave out eight detentions.

We want our students to understand that we have reasonable expectations for them. We will give them plenty of notice to live up to those expectations. There will be consequences when they don't. We appreciate your support in making sure that your child wears their ID.

If your child misplaces their ID, a replacement can be printed for them in the LRC for $2.00 cash. The LRC is unable to utilize PushCoin accounts for payment.

Thank you-


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Vacations and Planned Absences

We know that students sometimes will be out of school for a family vacation or some other type of planned absence. Ideally, these trips happen outside of school time, but we know this is not always possible.

I have told teachers that my expectation is that they give what work they can in advance, then after the trip, kids make-up what they can. We know that there are some things that cannot be made-up and will be marked as excused. Our families at Wredling travel a great deal, and it can become a burden on teachers to try to gather all work. We also know that when a family goes on vacation, it should be about being together, having fun, and building memories- so school work should only be a small part of the trip.

Our goal is to be flexible and forgiving as our students travel.

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Click here for a downloadable copy of the above Parent Letter regarding testing.
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Productivity, Freeze-Pops, "Panda-monium" and Salsa!

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You Can Still Participate in the Color Run! - DON'T MISS OUT!

If you were not able to pre-register online for the Color Run forms before the deadline, you still can participate! The registration cost only increased by $10/person or team. All you need to do is bring the filled out form and a check made to Wredling PTO on the day of the big event to the registration area at 5:00pm and get registered. Any remaining swag items will only be on a first come first served basis for late registration. Get your team together, get your costumes ready and be a part of the craziest way to kick off the school year!

Day of event registration available only in person, fees have increased by $10/person.

Wredling Student: $35

Adults: $40

Wredling Student Teams of Five: $150

Late registration is not guaranteed all the swag bag goodies or event tee shirt.

Bring your day of event registration form filled out and visit the Wredling website for all the info.

Any other questions contact Kate Bell at cheyennecairo@yahoo.com.

VOLUNTEER for The Color Run - Sign up today!

Click above to have fun while helping make a difference for our kids!

WMS Halloween Guidelines

This year at WMS we are going to allow costumes on Halloween (Tuesday, October 31). Here are my guidelines:

  • All costuming must happen at home. That includes any hair of make-up.
  • The costume must be school appropriate.
  • There are no masks allowed.
  • There can be nothing that you carry around that is extra. (ie. weapons, scythes, clubs, dolls, etc.)
  • Teachers are expected to teach that day, though they may have Halloween themed lessons.
  • There will be no Halloween parties. Or candy. Or other treats. Because you will get enough junk at night if you trick or treat.
  • After Halloween, you can only bring a couple of pieces of candy per day. If you bring more, I will get it and eat it. Especially the Take 5's!

Mr. L

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