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Principal's Weekly Update -May 25, 2018

Free Summer Food Service Program

Otsego Local Schools will host our first Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) beginning Monday, June 4th. The nation-wide program is designed to serve FREE meals to ALL students 18 years and under during the summer season. The U.S. Department of Agricultural has designated Grand Rapids and Weston as eligible sites for the summer of 2018. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Weston Library as the lunch sites this summer!

The FREE program is available Monday-Friday and runs from Monday, June 4th until Friday, August 10th. No meals will be served July 2nd to July 6th or Wednesday, July 25th. Lunch will be served from 11:30 a.m. to Noon. and has the required five USDA components, which are milk, fruit, vegetable, meat, and bread. All families are encouraged to participate in this program, NO SIGN-UP or REGISTRATION is required. The USDA estimates over 200 million lunches will be served across the country this summer.

Site Locations:

Weston Public Library

13153 Main Street

Weston, OH 43569

Grand Rapids Branch of the Weston Library

17620 Bridge Street

Grand Rapids, OH 43522

Times meals are served:

11:30 am to Noon

Click Here for USDA and Otsego Program Information

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Jeanne Jeffers, Director of Food Service, jjeffers@otsegoknights.org or 419-823-4381 ext. 1104.

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Final Forms

We are once again going to utilize Final Forms for our online student registration starting next school year. We will send out an email July 1st when online registration opens for the school year. We would like everyone to have registration filled out by August 1st.

Follow the instructions in the email and once your account is set up you will be ready to register your returning student(s) with ease!

OES Extended Care

Time to start 2018-2019 school year and if you would like to use our OES Extended Care Program for the Summer or during the School Year. Please pick up a packet from the Elementary Office or starting on June 4th 7am - 6pm Monday - Friday come into the Elementary Commons. Also, available on Otsego Elementary website. To use our program the packet must be filled out AND the online link done, prior to there first day. There is a Summer packet that will give you lots of events for your child to enjoy.

Click here for more information

Picture Order Form for Back to School Day - August 8th

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Medication Pick Up

If your child has medication/inhaler/epi pen in the school office, please pick up these items by Friday, June 1st. We are required to dispose of any item(s) that are not picked up.

If your child will need item(s) again next school year, we will need new paperwork filled out and the medication returned in August.

Win a New Car!

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An Educator's Perspective on Cursive Writing

Most college students entering their 3rd or 4th year of study in 2018 are finding themselves being the last class to have formal training in cursive writing during their elementary education.

There are many advantages to knowing how to read and write cursive handwriting. The first is the ability to be disciplined in a universal style of penmanship. The younger generation will, upon graduation and future employment, be working with a generation that used cursive.

If critical research of documents is done, this generation will find that much of the 20th Century papers were completed in cursive, both here in the United States and in other world countries. In the competitive job market, an ability to read cursive could be considered an advantage, like being bi-lingual, for being more employable then other candidates that apply for the same position.

I would suggest that the Otsego School District community give serious consideration as to how it could be implemented as an at home parent-student activity, facilitated by their teacher. This activity would compliment parent's involvement in their child's educational progress, while serving as an educational tool to demonstrate that education does not end when a student leaves the classroom for the day.

Tom Sorosiak

Cursive Resources

Even though Otsego Local Schools does not include cursive writing as a formal part of our curriculum. We would like to provide parents with some resources they could use at home and/or over the summer if they feel cursive writing would be an important skill for their child to learn. Here are some websites, activities, and apps that would assist parents in instructing their children in cursive writing.









Knight in Shining Armor Nominations

Knight In Shining Armor Nominations

Please use the following form to inform OHS Student Council about a family in need within the school district. While the family does not need to have students in the district, we do ask that they are a member of the Otsego Community. Please use this form to share information about their current situation as well as how they can best be assisted.

Please be sure to understand that while Knight in Shining Armor (KISA) would love to help all community members in need, we are still a new program, and may not have the funds to do so. With that being said, we will consider each request on a case by case basis. Filling this form out does not guarantee that we will be able to assist the family, but we will try our hardest to do so!

Here are some things that we have done with KISA funds:

  • School supplies were purchased for multiple families.
  • Gas money has been provided to get to and from medical treatment.
  • Food cards have been provided to help families afford meals while going through medical treatment.
  • Cash donations have been made to families to help assist in paying bills during medical treatment.
  • Gift cards and supplies have been provided to help make ends meet after housing emergencies have occurred.

Please refer to this link at any point during the year as a need arises, and KISA will do their best to help out!


Knights Cross Country Registration Information

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Air Extreme - Thank you PTO!

Otsego Knights Girls Basketball Camp

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Happy Friday, Otsego family! I can't believe we are wrapping up the school year. It has been such an incredible first year as the elementary school counselor. I truly could not ask for a better community to be a part of. Over the next week or two I will be sharing data about our school counseling program and information about summer programs offered in the area.

Thank you all for participating in the Goodwill clothing drive. As a school we were able to donate over 450 bags of clothing to those in need! The generosity and kindness towards others is what makes Otsego such an incredible community! Thank you all for your help and dedication to our students and for making this year great. Have a great weekend. Also, don't forget to check out the counseling website at: http://oesknightscounselor.weebly.com/

Warmest Regards,

Miss Syrowski

Important Dates


August 1 - Elementary Class Lists posted, 9am

August 8 - Back to School Day, 8am-8pm, HS Commons

August 16 - Open House, Picnic in the Parking Lot

August 20 - 1st Day of School for 1st-5th Graders

August 21 - 1st Day of School for Kindergarteners

August 23 - 1st Day of School for Preschoolers

September 3 - Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

October 15 - Professional Development Day - NO SCHOOL

October 19 - End of the 1st 9 Weeks

November 2 - Professional Development/Work Day - NO SCHOOL

Otsego PTO

Check out the PTO on Facebook and follow on Twitter @OtsegoPTO


The next PTO meeting is June 5th at 6:00 in the Elementary Library.

Community Events

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Bowling Green Parks and Rec Summer Events/Camps:

Swimming Info

Sports Camps

Summer Camps

Community Events

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Please help our students by collecting tabs from aluminum cans. Each tab is easy to remove and can be donated to the Ronald McDonald House. The tabs help fund various projects for Ronald McDonald Houses and its visitors. Send the tabs in a bag to the school and our students will do the rest!


You can help the school earn money for supplies by collecting Box Tops. Our PTO collects and counts them and puts the money straight back into the school. (We earn 10 cents per Box Top). If you are able to collect a lot of these, it would be great if you could turn them in in groups of 50, but we will take them even if they are not grouped together.

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