By: Kaila Sepeda, Gabriella Alonzo, & Kaleb Fernanadez

What a Tornado is

A Tornado is a violent rotating column of air, extending from a thunderstorm. The biggest ones cause massive destruction, and winds up to 300 mph. An E5 is the biggest it can get. An E1 is the smallest. And that's why Were here to tell you, how to stay safe.

How to stay safe

Tornado's are very deadly, or can be very deadly. they can cause loss if lives, so that's why

we're going to tell you how to be safe.

1. Always stay tuned to your local news. they can give you updates and also tips on what to do.

2. If your in a two story house, always go to the lower level. Grab blankets, pillows, flashlights, etc. In case anything happens, and the power goes out.

3. Stay away from windows, doors, anything that can break and get you in danger.

4. Keep children safe and always have them near. Once in shelter, quickly check if anyone is missing.

damage on humans

Tornado's are violent and cause damage to lives, crops, and homes. It can destroy large buildings and uproot trees. It could also hurl cars! So, when a tornado strikes, get out of the road and into your house.

damage on the environment

The damage tornado's cause for the environment is loss of crops, cattle, farms, and effect bodies of water. They can over flow and ruin anything a farm has. Actually, anything in general.

Common Locations

Some common areas where tornado's touch down are...



-South America




one place where they don't occur that often is New Zealand. They get at least 20 tornado's a year. Two highest concentrations OUTSIDE the U.S is Argentina and Bangladesh.

Manzanita oregon tornado.