Coach's Corner

February 23, 2018

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Classroom Organization Teaching Strategy: I use zoning practices or move around the classroom to interact and engage with children in play, routines, and learning activities.

Effective Feedback in Preschool

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Conscious Discipline: The Kindness Recorder

The Kindness Recorder is a job in the Conscious Discipline classroom that includes age-appropriate props like a flowerpot, kindness tree and/or kindness notebook. It helps the class focus on kind and helpful acts, operating on the Conscious Discipline powers of Attention (what you focus on, you get more of), Unity (we are all in this together) and Love (seeing the best in others). Each classroom will use an age-appropriate way to record kindnesses. At the same time, create a school-wide way to recognize kindnesses in a public space like the main hallway.
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Curriculum Tech Connections: Dr. Seuss Song

Dr. Seuss Song - LittleStoryBug

Spring Flower Memory

Weekly Plan: Spring Weather Week 1

Duration Weekly Plan: Spring Weather Week 1