Heroes and Texan Horns Newsletter

For the week of 2/3

Our Learning Targets...

Reading - I can summarize and sequence the main events of a plot.

Writing - I can write strong topic and concluding sentences in my expository writing. I can include compound sentences in my writing.

Social Studies - I can understand the colonization of Texas by discussing the establishment of Spanish missions in Texas.

Math – I can use pattern blocks to explore and understand benchmark angles.

Science - I can examine properties of soil including color, texture, ability to retain water, and ability to support plant growth..

Lost and Found Items Below:

Please check the slides below for items that may belong to your child (or children). Items with names were returned to students, but these items are missing names.

Please help us return lost items by writing your child's name (first initial and last name or first name and last initial) and either their grade or teacher's name. Thanks!!

Important Dates

2/10 Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon 12:10-12:40

2/12 Valentine's Day Party - 10:15 - 11:15

No Homework this Week!!!

Check out Ms. Torres' Math Website for Challenge Activities

Interested in helping your child expand their mathematical thinking? https://sites.google.com/a/leanderisd.org/mstorres4thgrade/math-links

Youcubed, Figure This, and NRICH offer different levels of activities for ALL students to deepen their understanding of mathematics. Check them out!

Supplies needed

Ms. Hurd and I are in need of a few supplies to help get us through to June. If you are interested and able to donate something we would be very grateful! Thanks in advance.

We are both in need of:

glue sticks

3 x 3 post-its

Torres only:

Paper Towels

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