William Forsythe

By Kate Townsend


William was born on the 30th of December 1949, New York City.

Forsythe created his first professional piece in 1976, Urlicht, after having an apprenticeship with the Joffrey Ballet in 1971. he followed his then wife, Eileen Brady, to join the Stuttgart Ballet in 1973. The director of Stuttgart Ballet, Marcia Haydée, encouraged him to start

choreographing works for the company and was then later appointed Resident Choreography in 1976.

How has William Forsythe contributed to Modern Dance?

When people think of Ballet, they think of soft, elegant movements, where the girl wears a pretty tutu and point shoes, but William Forsythe has changed the rules a little!

Forsythe is a contemporary/ballet choreographer. He has mixed the two dances together and created unusual but beautiful pieces of work. The dancers still wear point shoes but the dance has an edge to it and tells a more complicated story.

He gets his ideas from different places and different things from all over the world!

He finds ideas in painting and architecture. He shows a lot of geometry and mathematics in many of his works. He uses different textures, shapes, levels, dynamics and lines to create a new and inventive way of Ballet.

William Forsythe Company

The Forsythe Company is located in Dresden and Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

But besides being based there, the company travels all over the world dancing for Royals and High Prefects. They also teach other people the dances and also create new dances with 'fresh' bodies to, again, create a different feel to the dance and the meaning of concept and intent.

Aterballetto in workwithinwork - coreog. William Forsythe
"I think by dancing I was able to understand a lot of things. I was able to intuit things about mathematics and philosophy … "