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December 2022

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Dear Tainter Families,

As the holiday season is upon us, this is a wonderful time to reflect upon the year and all the good that we have encountered throughout the calendar year. I am thankful for our students, staff and families at Tainter Elementary. I want to thank you for the continued support you give to our school throughout the year. It is this support that helps to make us who we are!

As we look forward to the new year, In January, we will focus on teaching and revisiting routines here at school to provide a solid reset for the remainder of the year. January is also a time where teachers will be assessing the students for mid year progress.

On behalf of the Tainter staff, I would like to wish each and every one of you a peaceful, safe and healthy season!!!


Joann Walker


PE Gym Days

During November in Physical Education grades 2-4 learned about teamwork and invasion games. Students played Kingpin, Steal the Ring, and Lifesize Battleship. We discussed offensive and defensive strategies and team members discussed their plans between each round of the games.

Grade K-1 continued practicing locomotor patterns focusing on skipping and leaping. There are six more locomotor patterns besides skipping and leaping. Ask your child if the can tell you all eight. I’ll give you a hint, running and walking are two of them. What are the other four? We also played a variety of throwing games such as Over the Fence, Pin Pirates, and Monsters vs Aliens. Students are practicing stepping with the other (opposite) foot when throwing.

Twice a year we do the fastest class in the school competition in P.E. Each classroom in grades 1-4 ran/walked for 5 minutes. The class with the highest average laps per person won the trophy which they keep in their classrooms until March when we will do the fastest class again. The fastest class in the school is Mrs. Wall’s 3rd grade class. The fastest class in each grade level were 4th grade Mrs. Molls, 2nd grade Mrs. Good, and 1st grade Mrs. Genereaux. The kindergarten classrooms will be able to do this activity in March.

Notes from Music

Holiday concerts are quickly approaching!

Kindergarteners will perform their program

Friday, December 9th, at 2:00pm in the Tainter gymnasium.

2nd grade and 4th grade students perform the evening of

Thursday, December 15th in the High School Auditorium.

The 2nd grade portion begins at 6:00pm, and the 4th grade portion begins at 7:00pm.

Each section will last approximately 30 minutes.

We hope to see you there!

Art Room News

In December all grade levels will be focusing a bit on PATTERN and the many ways we make patterns and use them as artists. Students will practice patterns while making circular designs and mandalas (the word mandala simply means ‘circle’ and originated in India).

December is also a time in the art room for fun with winter and holiday activities. Drawing, painting, cutting, gluing…it will be a busy, festive place!

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Tainter Warrior Way!

Warrior Way Tickets

This past month our students worked hard to demonstrate positive behavior by following the Warrior Way expectations of:

BE Safe

BE Respectful

BE Responsible

In a two week period the students earned a total of 1,519 tickets! Way to go, Tainter Warriors!

Warrior Way Monthly Goal

This past month our goal was to reduce the number of office referrals by 10% for following instructions in the classroom. Our staff retaught the expectations of following instructions to the students and we were able to meet that goal! Way to go, Tainter students!

November Celebration

The students voted with their earned tickets and with 693 tickets, "Chewing Gum Day" was the winner. Teachers will choose a time when students can chew gum supplied by the school!

December Celebration Choices

This month Tainter students will get to choose from three new choices after each time they earn a Warrior Way ticket. Those choices are:

All School Dance Party

Extra Snack Cart

Extra Beginning of Day Recess

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A Note From The School Nurse

When it comes to toys and gifts, it is critical to remember to consider the safety and age range of the toys. Prevent Blindness America has declared December as Safe Toys and Gifts Awareness Month. The group encourages everyone to consider if the toys they wish to give suits the age and individual skills and abilities of the individual child who will receive it, especially for infants and children under age three.

This holiday season (and beyond), please consider the following guidelines for choosing safe toys for all ages:

· Inspect all toys before purchasing. Avoid those that shoot or include parts that fly off. The toy should have no sharp edges or points and should be sturdy enough to withstand impact without breaking, being crushed, or being pulled apart easily.

· When purchasing toys for children with special needs try to: Choose toys that may appeal to different senses such as sound, movement, and texture; consider interactive toys to allow the child to play with others; and think about the size of the toy and the position a child would need to be in to play with it.

· Be diligent about inspecting toys your child has received. Check them for age, skill level, and developmental appropriateness before allowing them to be played with.

· Look for labels that assure you the toys have passed a safety inspection – “ATSM” means the toy has met the American Society for Testing and Materials standards.

· Gifts of sports equipment should always be accompanied by protective gear (give a helmet with the skateboard)

· Keep kids safe from lead in toys by: Educating yourself about lead exposure from toys, symptoms of lead poisoning, and what kinds of toys have been recalled; being aware that old toys may be more likely to contain lead in the paint; having your children wash their hands frequently and calling your doctor if you suspect your child has been exposed to lead.

· Do NOT give toys with small parts (including magnets and “button” batteries which can cause serious injury or death if ingested) to young children as they tend to put things in their mouths, increasing the risk of choking. If the piece can fit inside a toilet paper roll, it is not appropriate for kids under age three.

· Do NOT give toys with ropes and cords or heating elements.

· Do NOT give crayons and markers unless they are labeled “nontoxic”.

Wishing all of our families a very safe, healthy and happy holiday season!

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