I am Number Four

By: Pittacus Lore, Presentation by: Lexie Buhrandt


The book I am Number Four takes place in Paradaise, Ohio. The book starts off in summer, but as the book goes on it becomes fall and then eventually winter.

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Main character

The main character's name is John Smith. He's an alien coming from his home planet Lorien. Another type of alien, the mogadorians, attacked Lorien. John and eight other aliens have to come to Earth to help save Lorien. The mogadorians try to hunt down the nine aliens, so they can kill them. The mogadorins kill all of the aliens by their number. They have killed number one in Malaysia, number two in England, and number three in Kenya. John Smith is number four and he will do whatever it takes to beat the mogadorians.

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Main Conflict

The main conflict is external. I know the main conflict is external, because the mogadorians are trying to find John, and his cèpan Henri. John and Henri keep having to move, so the mogadorians don't find them.

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Rising Action

Some important events that happened during the rising action.

1) John Smith is now all unpacked and moved into is new house. He is starting to go to his new school where he doesn't like that much in the beginning of the story.

2) Mark James bullies John and when John goes on the hayride with Sarah, Sam, and Sahara's friend, Mark and his friends decide to pull a little prank. Mark and his friends start shoving them around in the haunted woods and a fight brakes out.Nobody gets injured, but John used his Legacies, his light hands, and the boys got confused. He told everyone is was flashlights and everyone believed him.

3) John falls in love with a girl named Sarah, and they both love each other.

4) John refused to leave and move to another state, because he loves Sarah and wasn't going to let her go. He didn't think the mogadorians knew where he was so he was going to stay and risk the chance. John wasn't going to let Sarah go.

5) Henri went to go check out one of the authors that wrote about mogadorians. Henri was suppose to be back around 3:00 but he never was. John was getting worried that Henri wasn't home, so John and Sam went to go and find him. When they got to the place that Henri was going, they found out that Henri was captured and they had to save him.

6) Henri tells John that they really need to leave Ohio. John still refuses and runs away. John runs all the way to the school where Sarah is. When he gets there he finds out that he has been trapped and all the the mogadorians have surrounded him and Sarah.


In the book I am Number Four, the climax of the story occurs when John, Henri, number six, Mark, Sarah and Bernie Kosar are at the school. The mogadorians have come and there is no way out. After the mogadorians came the soldiers started to come and eventually the beasts. They have to fight for their life. There is no way out of this war. In conclusion the climax is very exciting and very suspenseful.

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The main character, John, in the book I am Number Four, is brought to life in many ways through characterization. One way John shows characterization, is when he won't leave Ohio when Henri tells him to. It shows you that John really cares about Sarah and Ohio, and he won't leave until he knows he's really in danger. Another way John shows characterization is when the mogadorians come. He doesn't give up on the fight and he will keep fighting until he dies or he kills all of the beasts, soldiers, and mogadorians. He shows compassion for his home planet Lorien. In conclusion, the main character, John, in the book I am Number Four, shows who he is in many ways through characterization.

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The author shows very powerful dialogue in the book I am Number Four. One scene that shows very powerful dialogue is when John will not leave Ohio. He screams at Henri and they're both arguing wether or not they should stay. The characters are John and Henri. This is important, because it shows that John loves Ohio and hates the feeling of moving once again. Another scene that shows dialogue is when Sarah and John are concerned about Henri, because he was really quiet over dinner. The characters in this scene are Sarah and John. This is important, because it shows that John and Sarah care about Henri a lot and they want to know what's going on in his head. This author shows how dialogue can be very powerful.

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The theme of the book is to never give up. One example of the theme, never give up, is when Henri tells John they have to leave, but John refuses. He won't keep running away when he knows the beasts aren't coming. He won't give up on Sarah or anyone else. Another example of the theme is when John is fighting the mogadorians. He does't give up on the fight no matter what. Lastly, when Mark's house is burning he went to go save Sarah and Mark's dogs. He never gave up to get them out of the burning house. The author expresses the theme, never give up, very clearly.

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Figurative Language

In the book I am Number Four, there are many examples of figuratve language. One example is at the part where John was fighting the mogadorians. The author wites, " Another clap of thunder, another shotgun blast." This is figurative language because you can really hear it in you're head and you can picture it in your head. I chose this example because it really shows imagery.

Another strong example is at the part where the author writes, " Excitement shoots through me." You can really tell how the human is feeling. In conclusion the author, Pittacus Lore, uses very good figurative language in the book I am Number Four .

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