Gold Assigment

Gold Rush

Life in the goldfields

When the gold rush began, many people left their jobs to find a fortune on the gold fields. Shops closed down for there was no one in the towns to work in them, nor any people to buy the products sold, schools had to close down because there were no one to teach the children and ships in the harbours lay empty as the crew and passengers were on their way to the gold fields.

Different types of minning

There are two types of mining there is the shaft and Alluvail they are the places that you can mine at.Shaft mining takes place under the surface of the earth. They dig holes under ground to fine gold.

Alluavil is when they chip gold under rocks or heavy things in the goldfields.


The Chinese on the goldfields


The Chinese on the goldfields were treated very unfairly they won't even allowed to stay in the same camp as the Australian people.Because they were different for the Australians.

Women in the goldfields

Women in the goldfields