Level Creek eBLAST

Thursday, December 3rd

For our Level Creek Community

Dear Parents,

It is with great sadness that I write this letter to you. We learned this morning that one of our fifth-grade students passed away from injuries he received in a car accident last night. I met with teachers this morning to alert them; however, we did not announce this to our students as we know that many of you may want to share this sad news with your children in your own way. We have called the parents of students in this child’s class to alert them of the loss. However, as this student and the Caymol family have long been a part of the Level Creek family, I wanted to make sure all of you were aware of this loss.

Dealing with death is difficult for all people, and it can be very challenging for children. Our counselors will speak with our fifth-grade classes Friday morning. If you find that your child needs help or needs to talk to someone about this situation, please don’t hesitate to contact the school, as our school counselors and other professionals are well trained in helping children with difficult issues such as this.

We are a very caring school and we want to make sure you have the resources you may need to talk to your child about this situation. Below, you will find tips that may help you at home if your student is having a hard time with this loss.

In closing, we wanted you to be aware of our school community’s loss. The loss of a child touches us all. I know your thoughts and prayers will be with the Caymols and our school during this difficult time.


Daniel Skelton,



The information below was provided by our counselors and is designed to equip parents, educators, and other caring adults with a basic understanding of how to effectively, yet sensitively, support children when a death occurs.

Elementary Students: Are concrete thinkers developing logical patterns along with increased language and cognitive ability; question how life will be different, what will be the same, and how one knows a person is really dead; want to see death as reversible, but also beginning to understand it as final.

Common Behaviors: Regression to earlier behaviors; fighting, anger; difficulty in paying attention and concentrating; daydreaming; not completing homework assignments; sleepiness, come to school tired; withdrawal; not unusual for questions and play related to death to be graphic and gory.

How to Help:

o Answer questions as clearly and accurately as possible

o Help students identify and use available support systems

o Work with students around academic workload

o Encourage students to take a breath and have time alone

o Allow for expression of feelings and emotions

o Provide art, journal, music and/or physical outlets for grief

o Maintain routines and structure but allow for flexibility

o Give student choices whenever possible

o Let students know you care and are thinking about them

o Assign students a buddy who can support them

o Create a “safe space” for students to go when needed

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