Technology Rules for Parents

BY:Inderveer kelay

Rule #1

Don't post inappropriate pictures on your account because people could figure out where you live. They can also go on you account and do even more inappropriate stuff to your account so everyone could see it!

Rule #2

DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYONE because then if you give out your password the person you gave your password to can blackmail you.

Rule #3

Do not text and drive because you could crash or get someone else injured.

Rule #4

When you are emailing you should cover your devices camera because if your device is open it could send something inappropriate to everyone.

Rule #5

If someone is cyber bullying you delete your account and make your own account and don't make anyone you friend.

Rule #6

If you delete your account because you did something wrong on there people could still find you and arrest you.

Rule #7

People could cut out you face picture that you put on your account and put it on something different that is inappropriate.

Rule #8

If you write something about someone that is so bad that person might kill he/she.

Rule #9

If you see your child getting bullied on the internet you should call the police so they could see what is happening.

rule #10

If you are texting appropriately and you siting beside someone you should not let the other person see what you are texting because if you weren't texting appropriately and the person you are siting beside see's you, you will be in big trouble.
Delete Cyber Bullying