The One and Only Ivan

Spotlight Review by Kiley Nolan

BY: Katherine Applegate

305 pages

This story will soar throughout you and Ivan's heart!


Ivan is an easy going gorilla. He lives in a mall called the Exit 8 Big Top Mall. Ivan used to have the perfect life when he was young and now it has all just turned into a blur. Ivan lives in a domain with a dog named Bob, a tire swing, and a small inflatable pool. He has other animals that live in other domains too such as a bird named Thelma, a dog named Snickers, and an very old elephant named Stella. One day something new came, a baby elephant named Ruby. Ruby is a very happy elephant but Ivan can always see the sad look in her eyes and know that it won't change. Ruby stays in Stella's domain. Stella has always not been feeling well because of the days when she was in a circus. When Stella's day came up she asked Ivan to make a promise. "Ivan she needs a safe place not here." Can Ivan keep that promise to take Ruby to a better place or will she stay here forever and die like Stella?


Like Ivan we all go throughout hard times and struggle right in the moment.

Just like Ivan, I face challenges that I think that I can't accomplish. I think that if you have a obstacle in life to face then you can accomplish it no matter what other people think. When you face something hard in life you should never doubt yourself and always believe! As I face challenges or go throughout hard times I just believe and find a way to make things right and even keep promises. I think Ivan is trying to do anything to keep his promises and never break them.