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What's Going On In The World Of #FAPBG-Wk. of May 21st

2018-2019 Registration

If you indicated on your Intent to Return that your student(s) would be joining us again for the 2018-2019 school year, you must complete your Online Registration Update by May 22nd. Families who have not completed this process by the 22nd will lose their spots to students sitting on our wait list. If you did not indicate on your Intent to Return that you would be coming back, but have changed your mind, you will need to submit an application for the lottery.

Summer Learning

Students in elementary and middle school will receive Summer Learning assignments this year. Please be on the look out for these assignments to be distributed the last week of school. The Summer Slide is proven to be a setback for many students that can be avoided with continued academic focus intertwined with summer fun! Any questions regarding these assignments should be directed to our Instructional Coach, Ms. Trisha Brandine (


As the school year winds down, please be aware that Middle School students will not be permitted to bring a backpack to school during the last week of classes. Female students may bring a small purse or clutch for personal items if absolutely necessary, as their uniforms do not have pockets.

School Safety and Student Privacy

In the last several weeks we have had a couple of student situations that understandably have caused concern regarding student safety. From a parent perspective, I understand the desire for complete details regarding potential incidents of this nature, however, please remember that all students have a right to privacy and schools are required to protect these rights. This prevents us from disclosing specific details regarding students and incidents that would make a student's identity easily discovered.

While we are obligated to protect students' privacy, that does not prevent us from addressing issues that arise on our campus and dealing with them swiftly and appropriately. Please know that student and family security and safety is our top priority and will continue to be as we close out this school year and begin the next. Not surprisingly, students who may witness a student's interaction with staff or hear about a situation from a friend often misinterpret or confuse the details. If you ever have questions regarding information your students have shared with you at home, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our administration and we will answer any and all questions we can.

Lastly, please be assured that at no point this year have students been in imminent danger. Had this been the case, parents would have been immediately notified with next steps to retrieve and protect their children. Thank you for your continued support, understanding, and cooperation with these important and sensitive issues.

May Birthdays

5/5- Ms. Perez

5/11- Ms. McCloskey

5/11- Ms. Smith

5/12- Ms. Beck

5/24- Coach Picchiottino

5/25- Mr. Frye

5/26- Ms. Abrishami

5/28- Ms. Cano

5/31- Ms. Janosky



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