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HVMS Update - 11/9/2020

Hello, HVMS Family!

Please take a few minutes to read through our newsletter to learn about some exciting new developments at Hidden Valley Middle School. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Hidden Valley Middle School


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Hidden Valley Middle News

We are very excited to announce that HVMS students have launched Eagle News with the support of Mr. Van Gerven! Students will watch the program during their first block classes when they are in the building, and students at home can tune in using the following links at 8:20 a.m.:

Red Ribbon Week

A special thanks to all of the students, faculty, and staff who participated in Red Ribbon Week! As Eagles, we live by the motto “Be Happy, Be, Brave, and Be Drug Free.”

Congratulations to the winners of our Red Ribbon Week Contests:

Trent Martin

Aahana Magu

Sarah Sohm

Brody Garrett

Miya Morton

Addison Weaver

To the right are Riley Heddings and Regan Heddings showing of their support, and below are pictures of some more students supporting Red Ribbon Week. Please take a look at our Facebook page for all the staff who participated as well!

Make-Up Pictures

Group 1: Thursday, December 3 (8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.) at HVMS

Group 2: Friday, December 4 (8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.) at HVMS

Additionally, Lifetouch will host a make-up picture session at their studio from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. on Monday, December 7 for virtual students and anyone else who is interested. No appointment is necessary.

The address is:

3601 Thirlane Road Suite 3

Roanoke, VA 24019


Need to Speak with a Counselor?

Students, if you would like to speak with a counselor, please fill out the form below:

HVM Counselor Request Form

A counselor will contact you by the end of the next school day. If you are concerned about a classmate or school safety, you may call or text SpeakUp at 540-595-0706 or email speakup@student.rcps.us.

The Counselor Request Form is not set up to provide crisis intervention services outside of school hours. If you are having an emergency outside of school hours, please go to your local Emergency Room, call Respond at (540) 776-1100, or call CONNECT at (540) 981-8181 to reach a crisis counselor.

Show Your School Pride

Be safe and show your school pride at the same time! We will be selling these custom HVMS masks for $10 until they are sold out. Please make your purchase by paying through MySchoolBucks, paying with exact change in the front office, or making a check out to HVMS.


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Eagles of the Month

HVMS has begun recognizing eight students from each grade level each month to be our Eagles of the Month. Hidden Valley Middle School Eagles of the Month display outstanding behavior both inside and outside the classroom by consistently meeting HVMS SOAR expectations of being safe, organized, accountable, and respectful. Eagles of the Month demonstrate opportunity ready skills including communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and citizenship. These students exhibit a positive attitude toward their peers, school, and community, and they maintain a focus on continuous improvement.

Our Eagles of the Month for October are the following:

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SOAR Card Recipients

Students can receive SOAR cards at HVMS by meeting our school-wide expectations of being safe, organized, accountable, and respectful. Our entire matrix of school-wide expectations is posted to the right. This year, we will be distributing SOAR cards to both hybrid and remote students by email, and recipients will be entered into monthly drawings for prizes. The following students have received SOAR cards since our last newsletter:

6th Grade:

Mahee Bhagat

Owen Bingeman

Maren Cox

Lauren Dudley

Kate Kadela

Brynn Raymond

Maddi Salinas

Ashlynn Shabana

Josie Sharp

Addison Strom

Santiago Trochez

7th Grade:

Aaron Bowlby

Kemileigh Lemons

8th Grade:

Calli Anderson

Willow Burr

Sara Elsanjak

Emily Swartz

SCA Officers

Our students' voices have been heard, and our SCA has the following leadership this year:

SCA Officers:

  • President: Hana Sageer
  • Vice President: Bear Tyree
  • Secretary: Aryan Madan

Presidential Advisory:

  • Amelia Wiegard
  • Ryleigh Marra
  • Emanuel Merrit
  • Anaiah Hicks
  • Kate Funderburke

A Honor Roll 1st Quarter 2020-2021

Congratulations to the following students for making the A Honor Roll for the 1st 9 Weeks:

6th Grade

Avila, Victor E.

Barbour, Virginia V.

Bentley, Colin J.

Bhagat, Mahee V.

Bingeman, Owen M.

Bobo, Rachel E.

Booan, Angelina

Brown, Kenley J.

Bryant, Maggie M.

Burkart, Aydan J.

Call, Madison L.

Camp, Harrison P.

Chrisley, Rowan A.

Cobb, Evan A.

Cortorreal, Isabella X.

Cox, Maren E.

Croteau, Vincent A.

Dorlini, Luca L.

Downey, Cohen T.

Dralle, Carter W.

Dudley, Lauren E.

Faltas, Rimonda N.

Floyd, Kaleb H.

Furcron, Tessa M.

Gardner, Adelyne G.

Garrett, Mariah E.

Harrison, Isabella L.

Hernandez`Sanchez, Sarah M.

Hord, Jacob A.

Hoyt, Hailey L.

Hutchinson, Gray E.

Johnson, Luke O.

Jones, Lincoln M.

Kadela, Kathryn S.

Kasmer, Kate R.

Keaveney, Greyson A.

Kwaramba, Natalya R.

Lasher, Alannah M.

Lawhorn, Isaac J.

Loi, Kayleen L.

Lovern, Olivia D.

Lubeck, Lucy E.

Madan, Aryan

Martin, Danielle L.

Menedal, Pranav

Metz, Susannah R.

Mowles, Joshua J.

Munoz, Anthony M.

Neale, Stephen C.

Neighbors, Julian A.

Nicely, Joshua M.

Nichols, Savanah P.

Payne, Wendell T.

Plogger, Madalynn H.

Poff, Norah M.

Ramey, Fiona L.

Raymond, Brynnigan C.

Ricketts, Andrew E.

Rojas, Madison N.

Rose, Autumn R.

Rutledge, Kaylin N.

Salinas, Madison L.

Shabana, Ashlynn A.

Shinebayar, Maddox E.

Simmons, Penelope A.

Sofi, Alishba

Sohm, Jacob R.

Stevens, Jackson R.

Stevens, Nathan R.

Szechenyi, Vada R.

Trivett, Kinsley E.

Underwood, Andrew Z.

Viar, Olivia B.

Waters, Carson M.

Weaver, Addison G.

Westerhold, Ella K.

Womeldorf, Noah E.

Woodson, William B.

Yost, Carter N.

7th Grade

Bartley, Cavitt K.

Belgarde, Marcus K.

Bishop, Abigail K.

Brown, Noah H.

Burnette, Jeffrey B.

Canfield, Graydon W.

Carr, Jessica M.

Carter, Emmerson D.

Chadwick, Kate E.

Clarke, Wyatt A.

Coleman, Riley M.

Copus, Bryce G.

Dooley, Noel H.

Dorlini, Dotti G.

Farmer, Amelia C.

Farmer, Lance M.

Fedison, Kendra E.

Firestone, Charlotte R.

Funderburke, Kate C.

Giri, Anuva R.

Goodwin, Zoe N.

Grant, Margaret A.

Harding, Arabella N.

Harrington, Lincoln V.

Havens, Brooke N.

Heddings, Regan K.

Hedges, Isabella M.

Herold, Chloe E.

Janiga, John M.

Jolley, Mason D.

Jones, Emma G.

Koerner, Rylan K.

Lubeck, Jackson J.

Luviano, Matthew D.

MacPhail, Margaret A.

Malone, Taylor A.

Marra, Ryleigh E.

Martin, Trent S.

McFarland, Alexis P.

McMahon, Isaac J.

McQuade, Macy R.

Mitchell, Claire A.

Mixon, Hunter B.

Morstad, Camlyn C.

Morton, Miya M.

Napotnik, John J.

Overstreet, Brendan A.

Pearson, Blake T.

Peterson, Chase A.

Power, Logan D.

Pullin, Elizabeth M.

Ratliff, Lily W.

Rhee, Maya S.

Shaver, Griffin B.

Shepard, Suede K.

Slade, Tristan J.

Spring, Joshua R.

Stanley, Lillian G.

Stevens, Ashley J.

Thorell, Michael R.

Tyree, Trinnean B.

Wang, Caleb T.

Womeldorf, Wynn O.

Younger, Jordyn I.

Zarcadoolas, Frank J.

8th Grade

Anderson, Calli A.

Arnold, Sophia G.

Arthur, Olivia S.

Baxley, Nathan F.

Bhowansingh, Aaron S.

Blandford, William J.

Brown, William G.

Burnette, William A.

Burr, Willow J.

Carter, Maddison G.

Chiaradia, Lorenzo C.

Chrisley, Noah W.

Corliss, Julia A.

Croteau, Sebastien J.

Devlin, Lyndsey C.

Donaho, Noah W.

Donodeo, Ethan M.

Elsanjak, Sara A.

Farley, Christian E.

Ferguson, Mackenzie G.

Freisleben, Ryan A.

Furcron, Lucy A.

Furkatova, Laylo

Ghobrial, Maya L.

Griffin, Holly F.

Hairston, Jolee L.

Harner, Aliza M.

Hughes, Simon A.

James, Elizabeth M.

Kadela, Ann E.

Kinzie, Grace C.

Konstance, Holt P.

Lester, Paxton B.

Lupton, Elisabeth J.

McHenry, Brady P.

Musser, Caitlin L.

O`Brien, Camille M.

Ortiz, David A.

Pan, Meribel Y.

Pearson, Audrey C.

Pfountz, Kayla E.

Ponn, Caleigh B.

Racz, Michael S.

Ramey, Leila M.

Ricketts, Olivia C.

Robinson, Jacob T.

Rodriguez, Samuel

Rodriguez`Hortua, Sergio A.

Ross, Brendon A.

Sageer, Hana R.

Salinas, Diego A.

Sander, Caroline I.

Scarlatescu, Nicole I.

Settle, Matthew C.

Sheppard, Grace E.

Sisk, Parker M.

Smith, Henry H.

Sohm, Sarah E.

Sprague, Kailie M.

Stewart, Jacob R.

Swank, Gretchen P.

Swank, Ty L.

Swartz, Emily M.

Tanis, Avery M.

Wanek, Abby G.

Wray, Jeryn F.

A/B Honor Roll 1st Quarter 2020-2021

Congratulations to the following students for making the A/B Honor Roll for the 1st 9 Weeks:

6th Grade

Abuzaid, Lujein M.

Albeesheh, Ibrahim J.

Albright, Maleah C.

Arthur, Gabriel S.

Barone, Lila E.

Blake, Anna G.

Blake, Erin S.

Bolling, Christian S.

Clifft, Samuel D.

Cole, Eva R.

Diaz, Layla A.

Dixon, Jocelynn L.

Doyle, Patrick T.

Dudley, Kelsey N.

Durham, Penelope C.

Emory, Lucas R.

Epperly, Adrian E.

Faraj, Zahraa

Fitzgerald, Eli D.

Francisco, Joselyn D.

Ghobrial, Michael M.

Havens, Brittyn C.

Heard, Richard J.

Hostetler, Wesley R.

Keeling, Ziya V.

Lanier, Vivian C.

Lankford, Landon C.

Lemus, Camila V.

Lucas, Henry J.

Lupton, Noel C.

Mangieri, Delta R.

Marshall, Evan T.

Martinez, Anthony C.

McCadden, Jordan O.

McGuire, Mika J.

McLain, Aaden S.

Park, Steven P.

Power, Jacob R.

Prosser, Noah G.

Raymond, Eli F.

Robinson, Casen M.

Sargent, Toby A.

Semones, Sydney J.

Shepard, Joshua T.

Snellings, Isabella R.

Snoddy, Camden J.

Thomson, Evan J.

Vasquez, Ashtton J.

Walters, Kenton T.

Wheeler, Samuel L.

7th Grade

Addo, Noelah D.

Appel, Riley G.

Bartlett, Truett D.

Bayat, Rojya

Bharucha, Jiya A.

Bowlby, Aaron D.

Bradbury, Norah L.

Candelario, Evan M.

Carter, Dylan E.

Coles, Braelynn M.

Cornett, Maxwell L.

Dadian, Devin W.

Dalton, Madelyn R.

Driscoll, Andrew J.

Echols, Melina F.

Etter, Emma E.

Flores, Mia G.

Foutz, Gabriel J.

Gilbert, Hannah N.

Goodwin, Lauren A.

Hall, Aidan T.

Heddings, Riley J.

Hughes, Brody H.

Javed, Hafsa

Johnson, Emry C.

King, Savannah N.

Lilly, Sadie G.

Lubeck, May I.

McBride, Zachary T.

Mercure, John C.

Migliarese, Nevaeh G.

Miller, Ryan C.

Morgan, Benjamin C.

Norris, Garry D. Jr

Perkins, Carter A.

Plasters, Laci N.

Polakowski, James C.

Prosser, Micah E.

Rand, Jillian M.

Ring, Devin A.

Scott, Ashley M.

Scruggs, Julien W.

Simpson, Bryce M.

Specht, James N.

Trivett, Spencer A.

Vlacancich, Ian T.

Walton, Keller B.

Watkins, Caroline E.

Wiegard, Amelia B.

Willis, Elizabeth J.

8th Grade

Altice, Bentley C.

Amend, Matthew A.

Bain, Hannah E.

Barbour, Jack W.

Beistel, Blaine C.

Bostic, Jonathan M.

Braxton, Michaela M.

Brislin, Drew T.

Camp, Hayden A.

Canull, Sawyer J.

Conforti`Johnson, Sophia K.

Cooper, Isaiah M.

Coric, Alex Z.

Doyle, Keirsten E.

Elsayed, Ziyad A.

Engl, Logan C.

Frewin, Jackson R.

Garrett, Kyndra C.

Gilkes`Smith, Kenouri M.

Haynes, John W.

Kenney, James K.

Madhoun, Tia M.

McCorkle, Ethan R.

McDonald, Bryce D.

Moore, Camden W.

Nichols, Braxton G.

Parris, Elena U.

Perdue, Hailey S.

Phillips, Riley M.

Princely, Jesmine C.

Rose, Brenden D.

Sedgwick, Maiya A.

Shah, Neal N.

Shellnutt, Isabella C.

Simons, Michael A.

Skime, Sarah A.

Sollecito, Allison M.

Sowers, Drake M.

Vaishnav, Deeya T.

Vaughn`Claytor, Ryan J.

Vega`Diaz, Elva L.

Viar, Annaliese R.

Wagner, Lilla R.

Wallding, Ryan A.


Wednesday Work Sessions

  • Beginning Wednesday, October 28, middle and high schools started offering a help day for students who need additional support, are failing a course, or have excessive missing work from 8:20 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.
  • Once teachers identify students who need additional support, HVMS will contact parents each week to ask that the student attend on a week-by-week, as-needed basis.
  • Students are supervised by support staff in a quiet area to provide a structured environment in which to complete assignments. Teachers may work directly with a student for a portion of the time as needed.
  • A grab-and-go lunch will be available.


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Technology Support

We ask that parents and students direct their technical support requests to hvmtechsupport@rcps.us. This email account is intended to serve our students who are either online only or off campus when the request is sent. Students attending school should notify their teachers of any technical issues so that we may resolve those problems at school.

Please keep in mind that our IT support staff works regular school hours and that requests made after hours or during the weekend will not be addressed until those hours of operation.


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Virtual Eagle Advisory - Upcoming Dates

Please encourage your students to log in to their Blackboard accounts and follow their student advisors' instructions for checking in for a Virtual Eagle Advisory session on Wednesdays from 2:45 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Here is a list of upcoming Eagle Advisory sessions:

Wednesday, November 11 – 2:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Wednesday, November 18 – 2:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Wednesday, December 2 – 2:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Wednesday, December 9 – 2:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Wednesday, December 16 – 2:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, 11/24:

Interim midpoint

Thursday, 11/26 and Friday, 11/27:

Schools closed: Thanksgiving

Monday 12/21 through Friday, 1/1:

Schools closed: Winter Break


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Out-of-Season Practices

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey on your students' interest in participating in sports this year. Here are the updated start dates for out-of-season activities:

Cheerleading: Monday, November 16

Boys' Basketball: Monday, November 16

Girls' Basketball: Monday, November 23

Wrestling: Monday, November 23

Information regarding workouts for specific sports will be sent through email to those who submitted their names through the survey. If you did not complete the interest survey and your student is interested in participating in sports this year, please send an email to Chris Benson (cbenson@rcps.us) with the following information:

  • Student's Name:
  • Parent/Guardian's Name:
  • Please list all sports your student is interested in playing this year:
  • Student's Current Grade Level:
  • Student's Current Schedule Group (Group 1/Group 2/Group 3):
  • Parent/Guardian's Email Address:
  • Parent/Guardian's Phone Number:

All students who wish to participate in sports this year must have a VHSL sports physical on file with the front office before beginning any kind of athletic activity. A direct download is provided below if you would like a copy.

*Due to constraints on the number of students who can be scheduled to participate in any given workout, only students who have a physical on file with the office will be scheduled to participate in out-of-season workouts.


United Way

The United Way has resources available for individuals needing support during COVID-19. Please click here to access resources in relation to healthcare, mental health, food, childcare, housing, employment, and more.


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