Endangered Sea Otters

Do you want to save them? by Pasha2

A Sea Otter's Description

*Mammal, descended from the family of Mustelidae which includes weasels, skunks, and badgers

*They have very warm, dense fur that keeps them insulated in the water

*Brown color fur, whiskers on cheeks and warm blooded

*Newborn Otter weigh 3-5Lbs, A Sea Otter is about 4ft. tall with 12-inch tails

*Males weigh 65Lbs, Female Otters weigh 20Lbs

*Sea Otters scream when in pain, coo when they relax, whine when danger, and growl to scare predators away, babies cling to mom when scared, and move side to side to say hello

Special Characteristics

*Only mammal that gives birth in water

*Tend to act like humans, communicate, play like little kids(play hide and seek), and love their community

*Have loose loose folds of skin to carry food


The Habitat of Sea Otters

* Live in the coasts of the Pacific Ocean in North America and Asia

*Sea Otters are coastal, shallow water dwellers

*Go to the ocean floor to find food

*They eat, groom fur, rest, and socialize with other Otters on the ocean surface


Adaptation belonging to Sea Otters

*When water temperature is cold, Sea Otters float on backs with feet out.

*When wanting to loose heat from body, they put feet under water and maximize surface area by stretching.

*Have aquatic vision, good hearing, and very sharp sense of smell and brain.

*Speed of swimming is 9km/h

*Barely migrate

*Have strong jaw bones and large rounded teeth to crush shells of crabs and snails.

*Sea Otters try to scare predators away from them.

*Swim with babies on back if very small or if big, allow to swim.


Food in a Sea Otter's diet and Hunting

*Eat foods like shellfish, sea urchins, crabs, squid, octopuses, and other types of fish

*Some favorites are starfish, clams, mussels, snails, and abalones

*Use strong fore paws to grab and catch food

*They also use rocks to break open shells of foods such as mussels, clams, and snails

*Have special ways to eat food, for foods such as star fish, they first bite the legs and then suck out all the soft parts

*Its predators are Sharks, Humans, Bald Eagles, Stellar Sea Lions, Coyotes, and Bears


Reasons for Endangerment

*Most Sea Otters are killed by humans-for fur trade

*Polluted water bodies-trash thrown into the the ocean

*Killed also because of oil spills-ruins the Sea Otter's fur

*Sea Otters are targeted by Whales and Orcas-humans reduce other prey for Whales and other big fish

*Diseases that are deadly are Toxoplasma gondii and Sacrocystis-frequently occur in Sea Otters


Critical Information about what is being done to help

*Endangered Species Act(ESA) was made to stop extinction of all Sea Otters

*Government collects money from all California tax payers to save this species

*Fish and Wildlife service to help hurt Sea Otters

*The Sea Otter Recovery and Research Act help researchers learn about Sea Otter decline.

*Environmental Protection Agency enforce laws to stop oil spills

*Created a Sea Otter Friendly Kitty Litter which kills a parasite that causes decline of Sea Otters

*The government enforced laws that there will be no more hunting Sea Otters for its fur


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