Angelia Vernon Menchan

Author & Mentor

Who Is Angelia?

Angelia Vernon Menchan is wife, mother, nana and mentor. Since January 2006, she has published 34 printed books and an additional 124 ebooks through her small publishing company, MAMM Productions. She is also the Co-founder of Honorable MENCHAN Media, through which she has published books for 15 authors to date.

Her personal motto is, ‘There is abundance through God for all of us; we simply have to be open for our blessings.'

In 2017 she decided to turn hallmark phrase “Just LOVE” into a ministry for girls and women creating safe places. She lives in Jacksonville with the love of her life, Maurice K. Menchan.

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“Marissa, you can’t just walk out on your career, your marriage, everything.” Nona said to her supervisor of the past ten years.

Nona had watched Marissa’s practice flourish as a practitioner specializing in taking care of AIDS patients and their families. But, she had also watched her take care of Tomas, her husband of seven years and put up with all kind of things from others. If anyone needed to just go and be, it was Marissa Sanders.

“I can and I am. Nona, I feel as if I am floating above my own life and more than anything I need to be grounded. I didn’t see a way out of this because I’m responsible for all of this, this practice, your livelihood, not to mention my home, car, Tomas… but I prayed and prayed and who knew that my father, the man I haven’t seen since he stood over my mom’s casket would provide me with the bounty I needed, a man who never acknowledged me in life because he had another life.”

Nona knew that to be true. Marissa’s mother had passed away a few years ago and the man who fathered her and had been a secret showed up at the funeral with his protective entourage. After two days, he disappeared again but several months ago, Marissa received an inheritance from him that changed if not her life, it completely changed her bottom line and she needed to get away. The only thing she hadn’t done was tell Tomas. It no longer mattered how he felt about it, she was done. At fifty-three it was time to become grounded in taking care of Marissa.